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A Healing Through Art “day”

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to attend a fundraiser.

Said fundraiser was the creation of my friend, Jen, who lost her mother to domestic violence many  years ago…

Shine The Light on Woman Abuse” for the London Abused Women’s Centre.

A day for a gaggle of gals to get together and scrap!

But…uh…not “scrap”…as in “I shall engage you in fisticuffs, my dear lass“…

Scrapbooking. 😀

Well, scrapbooking or any other crafty thing you happen to be into.

Having had a “Too Busy To Pee” kind of year last year, I kind of…well…my stash’o’shit in my craft room got busy with it and propagated all over the place. I couldn’t find my bling or my flowers or my photos, OH MY! I was seriously frustrated. What on earth can I bring to work on? I’ve a few mini-album ideas…and no paper. I’ve several stashes of awesome papers…and no photos.


So, being the ever-creative gal that I am…I completely lost my shit and didn’t want to go.

THEN…I remembered that a few of my gal pals were going to be crocheting and knitting…why not just bring my spinning?!?!?

*jazz hands*

(For the record, “spinning” used in the context of this blog will never…EVER…be used conceptually to describe the exercise. EVER. True story.)

Bring on the day! :DBring on the day! 😀

I started spinning fibres last year, actually. HOOKED on it like a fat kid on a Smartie.

Go, Go SpazzyHands!!

Dude, my hands are going to hurt whether I’m brushing my teeth or creating art.


I shan't speak of what it takes to obtain unicorn hair...
I shan’t speak of what it takes to obtain unicorn hair…


Auction items...ranging from scrapbooking supplies to Starbucks!
Auction items…ranging from scrapbooking supplies to Starbucks!


Guess my five kid/post-twins trauma is GONE! *shifty eyes* I may or may not have given him back.
Guess my five kid/post-twins trauma is GONE! *shifty eyes* I may or may not have given him back.

There were door prizes galore!! 😀 I won a couple! A CTMH “Thank You” acrylic stamp, and a $20 Tim Card (gift card to Tim Horton’s)





The photo frames on the counter ledge were full of facts and information on women and domestic abuse, including statistics for the Ottawa region.

Including the deaths.


Remembering those lost...and supporting those still living...
Remembering those lost…and supporting those still living…






There was much socializing…there was cake!…and there was even a newborn babe 😉 I gave  him back. *shifty eyes*




Jen’s mother, Brenda Chillingworth, 38 years old.

That’s my photo on the right.



This is where my “other” healing comes in.

I am a survivor. I bear a scar on my left hand that saved my life.

Seen and unseen...
Seen and unseen…


My parents were stationed in Anchorage, Alaska. I remained here for university.

It was my TSN Turning Point.

On my 20th birthday I survived an attack that had left me…changed.

I spent a couple of years with the Womyn’s Centre of Carleton University getting help.


So, the day was really about getting back into the social groove, about being with friends, about supporting a friend I admire greatly and whose mother would be so fiercely proud of her…and about coming to terms with events and circumstances that shape who we are and what we stand for.

Jen has made a beautiful scrapbook of her mother’s memories. I can only read a couple of pages at a time, still…even having watched her work on them several years ago.

Maybe that’s why art is such an important aspect in my life. It allows my tears to stream freely, as they are…right…now.

It allows me the opportunity.

I almost didn’t have the opportunity. For anything.

I create for my children. I create for my husband.

I leave to them tangible proof of my ability to overcome and persevere.

I create the ‘me’ that is “Me.”

Healing through art…the badassery of the crafting community.

Love to you all…xox

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