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A dollar earned?

So, I’ve been partaking in the addictive “creativity” that I so often enjoy…uh…often.

And I’ve been receiving some truly stellar feedback and responses to some of the creations I’ve endeavoured to fashion through the GO, GO Spazzy Hands-syndrome and the Holy Crap I need a Kegger of Voltaren side-effects.

Point being, I made them.

Second point being, I could clearly, by the standard of the feedback, be making myself a ton’o’cash doing custom pieces for people.

And for a second, I get really, really excited at the possibility.

And for another second, I wonder if people truly understand what, exactly, it takes for me to create and craft something.


I swear it’s exactly like the chocolate dangling in the front of the I’ve-earned-this-ass.

Cutting through leather is excruciating.

Pinning metres and metres of woolen fabric makes me want to run head-first into the wall.

Soooooooooo….why do I do it?

Because I can.

Sooooooooooo…now I have to decide whether the enticing possibility of making some extra $$ for my Herbalism program will trump the magnitude of the endeavour itself.


Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg and comes NOwhere near the issue of confidence that I lack on any given Sunday…

But I digress…

<—-This was my first project…buffing and sanding a drinking horn, then encapsulating it into a holder of leather…custom made by MOI.

…and putting to use a plethora of my scrapbooking tools.

True story.

I have another horn I’m going to work on after we get back from our 10 day camping extravaganza next week (more on that doozy later…)…and the holder will be leather and faux fur. 🙂  That’ll be truly badass.

Next up on the agenda was making myself a cloak to keep my ailing carcass warm on a cool, summer night under the stars…

I scored the wool/acrylic blend fabric on the “Last Call” table for a stellar $4/m…instead of $24/m.  BOO-YA!

I scored some on-sale velour for the hood lining…

I feel like I broke my lower lumbar.

But dagnammit, it’s FRABJOUS! *jazz hands*

And I made arm holes.

Because you can’t libate without being able to get your hands out.

“Easy Access Window.”

True Story. 😉


  1. Pam

    That is the trick isn’t it… believe me I experience my own “OMG my back is broken” moments whenever I stretch too long pinning a pattern or sit at a sewing machine for extended periods of time, knowing whether the $$ earned is worth the toll on your body and the sapping of your meager energy resources. HUGS! Please know that you are not the only one who struggles with these thoughts. All we can do is do the best we can with what resources we have and “keep swimmin”!

    • Brynn

      I think if I were to take the “pressure” off of myself, and make creations as I can/am able…I would feel better, in a way. I may, then, consider an etsy account, or a Gabry Road account (specifically for Canadian Handmade items) 🙂

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