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62,500,000 says, “What?”

NHBPM Day 16: “Use a picture or video to inspire a post.


That’s how many results turn up when you Google “pet therapy.”

(Y’know, for as many times as I use the term “Google”…I’m surprised I don’t get paid.  Or sued.)

Wikipedia even has a page dedicated to “Animal-Assisted Therapy.”

Why so formal?

Because years and decades of research can’t be wrong!!


Have you had a pet?

Did you ever get the warm and fuzzies when they cuddled you, entertained you for hours while it sat on a rock, licked the end of your nose, or chirped you a song?

2011, our family decided to place a “rescue” kitten into our midst.  Lo and behold, we also chose to add her brother, too.  They were born, in fact, on the same date as my twins’ birthday. 🙂

Sookie is snoozin’ right beside me as I type.

Where would she be if I hadn’t had that sudden urge…that yearn…to hold, caress, stroke, hug, cuddle, kiss and squeeze a fur-babe?

Moreso…where would *I* be.

When I’m feeling lost.  When I’m feeling overwhelmed by the pain.  When I’m feeling like I just want to take some “Me.” moments and just hug a friend without ANY consideration to things like, “judgement”…without having to feel you have to justify…to explain…to confirm…ANYthing…I reach out to little hearts that just hug me back (or at the very least, tolerate it).

It is different than your spouse.

It is different than your children.

There is…without question…NO consideration of expectation of return…except more hugs, or cuddles or whatever it is that you do with your birds and your snakes.

*shifty eyes*

For me, my animals are a release.  I can cry if I need to…and have the physical component of comfort.  I have the “social” factor of their little eyes imploring for a spot in the crook of my knees when I’ve lifted my feet up on a P.D. Day with 7 kids in my house…all needing attention and demands for obligatory expectations in return.

My need has further grown.  I would like to add a dog to my therapy.


Because my heart tells me so.  It’s like there’s a fibre of my essence, deep in my soul…that has finally let go of my childhood friend who passed 17 years ago…who I only now found a deserving resting place for her remains…and let’s me know that it’s okay to let my heart wrap itself around another piece of family.

“You don’t have the time.  You just posted that.”


I have FIVE fricken’ children…are you telling me that I don’t have time for the last, as I would with the first?  Seriously contemplate the impact that words of that nature could possibly have on a person.

It’s not just about loving…it’s not about time…it’s not about money.

I am at the BETTER time in life to have another life-being join the family because I AM home…I AM available…do not pass judgement without living the path I tread daily.

(besides, you clearly didn’t absorb the nature of the “choice” of that post…I have all the time in the world…I choose to fill it with a variety of different engagements)

It’s about finding that groove that was naturally made for another life-being in the complex essence that is the soul.

When you’re chronically afflicted…the soul can sometimes be the only thing left you can possibly inflict your self-care upon.

My weapon of choice?

Cocker spaniel.  I know them well from my grandparents having two within my lifetime with them.

A rescue.

I’ve been currently stalking Ontario Spaniel Rescue (among others…but they’re local…and that is also very important to me), so I thought I’d share something that I, myself, need to come to understand:

I will be a rescue.

My application for adoption has been completed since November October 20th.

Our cats have gone into the vet to get a checkup and their vaccinations updated.

I’m not ready?  Of course I am!  I filled out the application, and probably added several “pick me!” points that really weren’t necessary.

No matter the lupus and no matter the plethora of secondary issues…there are times where my anxiety disorder is SO crippling, it prevents me from attending events, from eating when I’m out of the house…from submitting an application.


Because someone I don’t know has to come to my house and meet with us.

Now, lemme tell ya…my HEAD knows this to be true: in order to find a good fit for both dog and family, they come talk to make sure they understand all wants/needs/desires, and to make any suggestions necessary.

What my INSIDES hear is: “Someone is coming to judge you.”

(O.O) <————killer bug-eyed look of horror.

What I need to remember is this:

I know how much this life-being’s presence would mean to me.

I further know how much more my presence would mean to this life-being.

So I have come to the conclusion that as much as I hope some people will give ME a chance to show them that I’m not just my afflictions…there is a dog out there who is expecting me to overcome what it is that I need to overcome and give THEM a chance to help me…give to me…just as much as I want to help them…and give to them.

Mutual rescue.


This post was written for Wego Health’s National Blog Post Month, 2012


  1. Karen Nicole

    Thank you for this post. It brought up a lot of thoughts & feelings. It made me want to grab my dog and hold on to her forever (yeah, she squirmed out of my hands). But, she has really helped me during my difficult moments and I can’t imagine life with out her. 🙂

    • Brynn

      I thank you for your sharing your own experience!! I thought it was very important at some point to illustrate the effect our pets have on our total-care support system 🙂 Give her a good squidge from this gal, too!! xo

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