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6.5 inches are better than 10.

Dinner plates are the next contestants on that reality show I never watch entitled, “The Biggest Loser.”

First of all…seriously? “The Biggest Loser.” I get it. Truly. But the secondary connotation of “Loser” for people clearly struggling with their weight makes me vomit a little in my mouth.  Seriously.  But then, I don’t watch reality television. I don’t knock those who do. However, my life is already running at the rate of several “wtf’s” per hour…I don’t need to watch other people eating bugs or gettin’ it on in bedrooms that CLEARLY have cameras…

…I digress.

Dinner plates.  The bane of everyone.  Myself, included. Why? Why, 10 inches, of course!  My ultimately uber-fab Corelle you-can-run-over-this-shit-with-a-car-and-still-not-break-it dinnerware consists of bowls, sandwich/salad plates…and dinner plates.

Okay, so it’s taken me a little longer than some…but I didn’t pay any heed to inches. *giggle*

*clears throat*

I went a bought myself some purdy lil’ salad plates for my dinner meals.

My Corelle dinner plate is a whopping 10 inches ’round.

My *SQUEE* plates are a modest 6 1/2 inches square.

Does square make any difference? Pppbbbffftttt…not unless you’re trying to stuff it into a round hole. Though, I’m not sure why you’d want to do that. ;o)

No. It doesn’t make a difference.  I just like square.  IT is different.


(How big are YOUR plates?)

I cannot fathom how in the blue hell I would try to attempt to reduce caloric intake* (or at the very least, assisting in reducing caloric intake*) and thus use smaller portions…on a 10 inch ’round plate.

*Let me be clear that by the very purpose of the diabetic meals I am making, I require myself to follow more “strict” calorie intake guidelines which kinda/sorta make it obvious that there’d be fewer calories.  I’ve earned this ass.  Deal with it.

It’s ALL about the psychological pish-posh of it all…put a half cup of rice on that 10 inch plate.  Now put the same thing on an 8 inch plate.  Now put the same thing on a 6 1/2 inch plate.  Which plate will look more appealingly satisfying?  I’m on board for the smaller plate.

I also picked plates that had a relatively busy pattern on it…colours…Why?

Because I also know, in my own mind, that when I look at something kind of “busy”…it also looks kind of “full.”  Thus, my mind will hopefully be satiated with the “appearance” of “holy crap that’s a full plate!!.”

True story.

What adjustments have YOU made to casually (or blatantly) adjust your food consumption?  I’d love to know how others have found ways to incorporate cool little things into modifying their routines!! :o)


  1. Tami Stackelhouse

    YAY! Good for you, girl! And those plates are cute!

    I eat a small meal about every 2 hours. Keeps the blood sugar more stable that way. Stable blood sugar also = less pain. =)

    The other thing I do is eat WAY more protein than I used to. More protein also = less pain. =)

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