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10 Things I Pondered While Cleaning Cat S**t From the Garage

*Thinking* would require brain cells I don't have.
*Thinking* would require brain cells I don’t have.





*jazz hands*





1. I strongly loathe cleaning up spilled cat litter’n’shit from the garage. Especially when I didn’t do it.

2. My neighbour’s narrowing eyes at my flowery language probably doesn’t help the loathing. I’m also President on our Condo Board. I might want to PG-13 that. *shifty eyes*

3. My epitaph is probably going to read: Resident Housebitch Finally Rests. Clean the feckin’ shit yourself.

4. I can clean spilled cat litter from the garage. This means that the Great Carcass Resistance is not currently winning the Lupus game.

5. I’m good at a doing a lot of different things. I think it’s important when one is planning to take over the world leave their mark on the world to leave strong memories of oneself in various aspects of living. Not the, “Oh, she was so good at _______ … I wonder what else she did with her time?” You’ll know. I will ensure that you do. 😉

6. Cleaning one thing never leads to cleaning of *just* that one thing. EVER.

7. I wish I’d had a DQ Blizzard.

8. Pushing around still-damp camping gear reminds me of how much I love my tribe, my family, my family-by-choice and the land that just keeps giving to the community at large. Words fail to articulate just how much the land has assisted my personal self-evolution. <3

9. Eleventy-billion kubb sets line the back of the garage, and I’m reminded of how much fun it is to support my husband in something he aspires to create. And, I’m further reminded of impending appearances of Kubb Canada at the upcoming Game Summit here in Ottawa this coming weekend. HUZZAH! #kubb on! \m/

10. It always surprises me that, even when cleaning cat litter’n’shit from the garage floor, time flies. Children grow. Relationships strengthen. Friendships endure. At no time do I ever, no matter how less-than-stellar of a day it is, take one second of it for granted…because…*tick tock*…so I fill it with copious amounts of “Me.”

I wonder in what Chapter this should be found in my book? 😉


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  1. Mae

    Life lessons from cleaning cat poop, you somehow manage to find the funny , the love , the happy , the appreciation and gladditude in the strangest places.
    I love that <3
    Its been said that learning to live in each moment itself is one of the greatest gifts that a person can give themselves, I think whether you know it or not, you manage to do it a lot !
    Its pretty cool 🙂

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