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#1 tip for boosting esteem!

I have the secret to life.

True story.

A few secrets to life, in fact.

Here’s another:

Do. Something. For. YOU. That. Is. All. You.

What is better for boosting your esteem than doing something that is what you love? You have the opportunity to sing/dance/craft/study/play/cook/create and something really magical happens:

You live.

You throw off all the masks you wear in a day:

Mother, wife, daughter, taxi, nurse, educator, chef, Household Operating Officer, treasurer, event organizer…

…and you get to be YOU.

Like, the really real you.

The real  you that if you were the last person on earth, you would run naked through the streets…or make yourself an award for the most consecutive jammie days in human history.


(don’t mock me…I’m mutha’ freakin’ tired today and stressed beyond all reason…schizzle is the word of the day…accept it)

I have been doing something over the past several months (since December 1, 2012, to be precise) for “Me.” A little each day. Sometimes?

Sometimes life got all up in my business and I didn’t get to do it.

At. ALL.

And that’s bloody well okie-dokie.

Life is a fluid and dynamic relationship with your environment.

Sometimes? My environment sucks ass.

And I’ll wait a couple of days and then I get the go-ahead from the Cosmos Committee to proceed with all of the badassery I want.

What did I do today?

I got to the end of a particularly gruelling six-month branch of study in my Chartered Herbalism program.


Lemme give you a visual of the 4-1-1:

Book #2: DONE. This baby was 6 months of herbs. I lost a brain cell. True story.
Book #2: DONE. This baby was 6 months of herbs. I lost a brain cell. True story.




HU-to the -ZZAH!!!







One more book to go.

November, baby. Exam.

For “Me.” 😉


  1. Janice

    Love the new signature at the bottom (it might not be that new, but I have been slack on post reading so it is new to me 😉 )

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