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The #gladitude project!

Who:               Everyone!

Why:               Let’s face it, sometimes we can have a less-than-stellar day.  It ain’t always purple painted ponies pooping butterflies jacked up on Sugar Smacks. BUT: there is always SOME thing…a SMALL thing…that can be a comfort to us… and by also taking a peek at what others find to be a small pleasure can open a window out of our personalized view of the world on the days where, perhaps, we struggle to find our own “things that are small.”   (Let’s be honest, you might have an “a-ha!” moment when I post about my fuzzy socks and Tim Horton’s coffee as being the highlight of my blustery, Canuck winter’s day.  True story.)

What:             Find ONE “small thing” that makes you feel “glad” that you didn’t overlook its presence in your day.

Take a photo of that small thing, if you can.  Mark it with a “#gladitude”.

Post your photo, using its namesake hashtag on Twitter, or on my Facebook Page 

OR, blog about your #gladitude discovery, and send me your link…because sometimes it’s a feeling, an emotion…a child handing you a warm, ooey-gooey cookie…

When:             Daily.  Weekly.  Monthly.  How often depends on how you quantify your need to remind yourself of the “things that are small.”

Where:           Where ever your day takes you. Bed, bus or business.

Post.  Blog.  Tag your photo with “the #gladitude project”.  Tag me (@ChronicBadass).  Better still, also tag your friends!  Help them become aware of the enriching “things that are small” in THEIR lives! Spread the #gladitude!!

Why the hashtag?  Isn’t that only for Twitter thingies?

“… any hashtag, if promoted by enough individuals, can “trend” and attract more individual users to discussion using the hashtag”…(Wikipedia)

To put it simply…it is a “representation”: the more people connecting with the concept of taking active action to find things that are small…the more we can bring comfort and confidence to those needing the encouragement to seek their own…and from this initial step, empower people to look higher and further in their #gladitude.

That, and it’s just plum easier for me to find you!

Check up at the top of the blog for the “Get #gladitude” tab…

…every Friday, I’m going to blog some of the #gladitude for all to see.  I hope to see some of yours 😉

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