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This is an outlet for everything “ME” in life.

I strongly encourage you to find the things that are “YOU” in life.

I have made an oath to myself that at the end of days, I can look back on my life and say, like Frankie said….”I did myyyyyyyyyyyy wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…….”

This is what makes “me”, “ME”.  I share in the hopes that you can start your own blog, or add it TO your blog, and include the special quirks and whatnots that people may not know about, all the geekdom that makes “you”, “YOU”.

I’d like to introduce you to my Steampunk character, Miss Vivian Ainsworth:

Miss Vivian Ainsworth, Temporal Voyaging Huntress of Everything Neat (aka, Time Travelling Seeker of Really Cool S–t)

“I am a third generation time traveler. My grandfather built his temporal voyaging assistor in 1888, which my father perfected in 2065, merely a year to the day from his 30th birthday. He was able to utilize some of the new advancements that arose from the figurative ashes of the Electronic Annihilation of 2060 to enhance the speed and vectors upon which this temporal sleigh glides….” you can find out more about this aspect of “me” at Steampunk Canada!!!

Scrapbooking? Uh, ya…to say I’m addicted would be a gross understatement of the obvious.  My addiction right now? SMASH BOOKS. Why? Okay, first of all…NEVER ask a scrapbooker “why”…it’s like…a faux pas…of GARGANTUAN proportions. Second of all…because it’s really cool shit!!

It’s like a quasi-journal within which I can put pieces of whatnots of the chaos of my made-for-tv-movie life…My first two books? One is my “To DO” book. The catch? It’s to record the precious gifts of “doing” things…off my often crippled-with-pain carcass…to show the world, and myself, that I can DO things!! I want to see things, experience…LIVE.

I’m also convinced that I should be reincarnated as “Happy Bunny”. Why? Why the hell not?? We’re like two peas in a pod…

I grew up being a true “Daddy’s Girl”. Benefit? I was also a tomboy. Benefit? I got to watch Sunday football with my dad, and got to go watch him coach the RRMC hockey team for practices and such. I LOVE football. My twin boys were born on SuperBowl Sunday, 2007. How bloody COOL is THAT?!?!?  My kids know that Sundays after the school year starts are made for chili, nachos…and not touching Mommy’s remote. ;o)

UPDATE: October 2, 2011

“InTerruPTeD Me”

My mixed media on canvas as my “healing through art” creative endeavour…

Have you done anything creative as an outlet for healing??





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