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Purple Llama Studio: Masculine cards

I figured there’s really no better way to kick off a New Year than to haul my I’ve-earned-this-ass down to my studio to pop off a couple of cards.

When I craft, I don’t think. I’m tired of the doing of the thinking.

So, I’m really hoping that whereas I’d really lost my creative mo-jo in 2015, it comes back ten-fold in 2016.

I took an hour. I may just go back down in a bit and do some more. We’ll see. There’s an Indiana Jones movie marathon on right now and, well, Indiana. 😉

I prolly shoulda cleaned up from the doing of the crafting…but this is my studio:

IMG_1330 IMG_1329 IMG_1328


















For my first project of the year…just a couple of quick masculine cards!

What are some of your creative endeavours for 2016? Let me know in the comments! \m/

This is for the boys...using CTMH products
This is for the boys…using CTMH products


  1. Wendy

    Guess there was creative energy in the air sending us Lupies to our Therapy Rooms, as I also was card making, and it too was for masculine cards. Just finished cleaning up my messy work space when I opened your post. Will send pics by regular email as I don’t think I can attach via comment to Blog.

  2. Jason Robichaud

    Our plans for this year is to have more creativity and social presence for our sites. To have more merchandise out there and have more custom pinup art work selling. This year is the year for CREATIVITY!

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