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My Awareness tattoo:







The “Lupus Fae” I coloured with my Copics (to which I may or may not have a slight or not-so-slight addiction):








Ah, my separated-at-birth Happy Bunny…always knows what I’m thinking…*wipes tear*…







One small piece of Raven’s Knoll…the campground getaway with the younglings, or the spiritual retreats that effect the very fibre of my essence:







Shane and the gingers:








Ya, that’s right, my man wears Utilikilts.  Google ’em. That tattoo on his right calf? Ya, my man has the Utilikilt logo ON him ;o)

This is a layout I did of a Steampunk photo shoot I did with some friends of mine…the photo itself is courtesy of none other than? My man. :o) He’s amazing!!








And another layout and photo from the same shoot :o)

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