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The Banner that Brynn Built…

A Healing Through Art project!!

Over the last few days I have endeavoured to fix up a banner I’d made for a festival just about this time last year.

By the time I’d had this brilliant idea for last year…I was kind’o’out’o’time. I did what I could, which involved sewing up the banner itself, and using my Cricut machine to cut out the name of the site where we were celebrating.

It worked, but it was only temporary for what I’d initially wanted to do.


I got “flared.”

Then I got sick.

Then I got even more “flared.”

Then I put the notion aside until now…because…well…I just *love* to leave things to the last minute. I work best under pressure.

*shifty eyes*

Now, truth be told, I still have three weeks before it is required. Just sayin’.


I had to endeavour to recreate the campground’s logo image – which is really itty bitty on the website – to a usable replica.

I delegated to my husband the ability to modify the image in order to have it print out across multiple pages in order that I could piece together said pages and use it like some big-assed template.

It freakin’ worked. 😀

I taped the image up on my patio door and got my trusted #2 pencil out to start tracing.

*mental note to self: when tracing an image of this detail, while standing, with arms raised, one might want to re-think the necessity for an arm workout any time soon…and have a stockpile of hydromorphone for the after party…


I also procured awesome fabric paint at our local DeSerres store (craft porn overload…just sayin’…)…which came not only in pots, but in markers!!

Marker, to trace out the image and to assist in the shading. Go, Go Copic Shading Techniques!!! *fistpumps*

Then, I endeavoured to figure out (on my own…being as stubborn as a mule, as always) how to make the itty bitty image of the campground’s name into a usable replica. Not even running out of ink could stop me at this point….

**Interjection: Why do I do this to myself? Push the limits? Not allow anyone to “assist”?!? Because when I craft something, it contains the essence of “Me.” This particular banner is to be gifted to the Stewards of the land, and it is oh-so-very important to me that it represents…well…”Me.” All of it.

My neighbours think I’m bat-shit crazy…having had some bird-thing with possible weaponry taped up with multi-coloured duct tape behind some kind of white fabric that gawd knows what THAT means….

Which is totally cool.

‘Cuz I made this:


Go check it out: Raven’s Knoll

Go, Go, SpazzyHands!!!!!!




    • Brynn

      Thank you so much!! I’m very pleased with how it turned out…I’d no idea if the fabric paint would adhere well enough! Huzzah! 🙂

    • Brynn

      I really appreciate that!! After staring at it so intensely with a bitty paintbrush and pot’o’paint, your eyes start playing tricks on you 😉 LOL!!

  1. Cassandra

    I’ve seen this several times on my FB feed. I’ve opened up the image about 3 or 4 times yesterday, interspersing access with 60-90 minute intervals, to maintain the integrity of the “ooooh” effect. The lines are very strong, and I really do like the pop effect of the lettering. Beautiful work.

    • Brynn

      I…am at a loss to express how much this means to me, Cassandra. I realize now that I wasn’t just gifting the Stewards, but to the community as a whole. It’s rather profound, actually. (o.O) Thank you so much!

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