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The Banner that Brynn Built…Part Deux

A “Healing Through Art” project, for your viewing pleasure!!!

You might remember “The Banner that Brynn Built“…a gift for the Stewards of the land where we celebrate the turn of the seasons, the gifts of the land…my professed “home away from home.”

Now I give you……Part Deux:

The Banner that Brynn Built…The Hultquist Family Banner.

Fabric: 66% off because it’d had marks on it…that came out in the wash!

Time spent: just a smidgen over 8 hours from start to finish.


1. Cut fabric.

2. Sew fabric into banner shape. Remind yourself why you want a newer sewing machine.

3. Print out image in uber-large size over multiple pages.

4. Tape together, like a puzzle, the image. Tape taped image to the window. Ignore seedy looks from neighbours.

5. Tape banner up to the window to use as a kick-ass sized lightbox to trace the image onto the fabric. Remind oneself why taping an image to trace up onto a window with swollen, burning arms. hands and fingers might have seemed like a brilliant idea.

6. Procure fabric paint markers and paint pots. I used SetaSkrib markers and Setacolor opaque paints from Pébéo.

7. Channel your inner art-class shading techniques and have-at-‘er.

My husband and I personalized a logo that incorporated our love for Yggdrasil and the Well of Urd. “Yggurd.” Obvious? Is now…

My husband and I wanted to come together as a entire family unit…my children have different dads, and I was reserved to think of something rather… “Hultquist-only.” What is the one connection we all share? History. Better still…ancestry. What do the children represent? Blood or not? Progeny.

“kynslóð”… line; progeny:

A descendant or the descendants of a person, animal, or plant; offspring: “the progeny of mixed marriages”.

Things that make you go, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……”

We incorporated the Mjolnir that represents a facet of our ancestral beliefs and practices and virtues.

We incorporated our family rune: Raidô, seen as the image in the midst of the Mjolnir, in red.

Hail the folk, hail the land…hail the ancestors who have walked before us on the land that nurtures those who will continue to walk long after we’re gone.

Family Banner



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