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Purple Llama Studio: Messenger Bag-Tim Holtz

Alternatively titled, “Do I ever think before I commit my Go, Go, SpazzyHands! to a project?”, or, “I either putter or I create when I’m pissy.”

Like I’d imagined, I’ve spent the last several days loathing the Cosmos (Chocolate Cake & a Kitchen Floor), hiding from social media and putting my focus into all things “Me.”. Like, ironically, the astronomy program I’m finishing up this week (free, online). *shifty eyes* And? Sewing!

The project?

A messenger bag chock full of my uber-wonderful Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements fabrics I’d previously gotten myself with some Yule money. \m/

The pattern?

McCall’s M5824 (View B)

No problem. 27 pieces of pattern in total (of which I required 23).

80 steps.

I got this.



And, I feckin’ DID.

bag view



Patchwork flap.




Open bag


I actually assembled the bloody strap the right way.

With three brain cells.

I deserve an award.

True story.



There are even two zippers on this bad boy…my very first time ever using a zipper foot on my sewing machine.

To date, I guess tunic dresses and tunic shirts just haven’t given me the opportunity to…y’know…use a zipper!


back pocket

Inside lining pocket


This is the back pocket on the outside of the bag.

Next time I shall endeavour to *not* use adhesive velcro.

My needle was very grouchy.

Takes one to know one.



inside pocket 2

inside pocket side pocket and piping


This is patchwork awesomeness, as each pattern is its own little sleeve. Business cards, receipts, whatever.


I even recognized that I should probably put the letterprint pattern so that it faces upright when I open the bag.

*jazz hands*


Side pocket.

I used my Big Bite to attach large eyelets to thread black lacing through.


gears full front

saying and stitching

quote and stitching key piping


Go, Go Awesome Embellishments!







Piecework patches.




I hand sewed on some Tim Holtz embellishments. I used embroidery thread to make extra-thick “stitches”, and to attach quote plates.

“dream as if you’ll live forever”


“encourage your hopes not your fears”



Keys are a big part of my ancestral traditions. They mean a lot to me, and these are a reminder of that very meaning.






Piping. The “just enough trouble to make you cuss six ways to Sunday” embellishment.


From D-rings to velcro…from embellishments to eleventy-billion pieces of feckin’ pattern tissue…from 80 steps to completion.




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