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My galaxy & other Cosmic *jazz hands*

Funny thing, hobbies…at what time, what TSN Turning Point, does it become an addiction, of the fun sort?

As a scrapbooker/mixed media designer, I *get* the memes…all of them. 😉

My latest obsession has been, as I’ve mentioned/posted/retweeted/liked/etc before, has been the Cosmos. I’ve been afforded a spiritual, scientificky (totally a word) escapism that, at certain times, brings me to tears.

The universe is a miraculous beauty whose vastness simply blows my feckin’ mind.

Earlier this week we were afforded a very monumental opportunity to view the Moon, Mars and Venus, which my lovingly patient husband managed to assist me in photographing. Minus eleventy-billion windchill, and Go, Go SpazzyAss here was out in the middle of my street with a camera yelling down, “Is it the right setting? Is it RIGHT???” to him as he probably questioned for the millionth time just how lucky a bastard he is to have such a passionate wife who ponders about the Cosmos.

*shifty eyes*

Never as breathtaking as “in the realz”…we captured this:

Cosmic awesomeness, yo'! \m/
Cosmic awesomeness, yo’! \m/


So beautiful. So breathtaking…

I’ve also, in addition to the plethora of free, online courses about Everything Cosmos…I wanted to craft my own.

Hit up Youtube, peeps. Type, “DIY galaxy bottles” into that search bar and just GIVE’ER! 😀

DIY Galaxy Bottles: Addictive. You've been warned.
DIY Galaxy Bottles: Addictive. You’ve been warned.


Seriously, it’s easy shit.

Moreso, it’s a small time of measured escapism.

Because some days?

Some days, I wish I was there. Out there. Anywhere but here. Away.



MIBNotwithstanding the obvious, “Holy shit those are cool!”…I’ve gotten a few reminders, so to speak, from my amazingly supportive friends: “Do you remember Men in Black? The cat? Orion’s Belt? And…it was a galaxy??”


Ho. Lee. Shitballs.


One simply does not just make a reminder and not expect my OCD level of bat-shit cray-cray NOT to try to find something to put all this DIY awesomeness into something I can WEAR.

I mean, you can put a eye-hook into the top of the bottles and HUZZAH…but with *my* luck, I’d be esophagus-deep into a double-double and it would, without question, choose that very moment to drop its glue/microbead/glitter schizzle all down my lovely self.

No. I had to find SOMEthing I could transform, if necessary, and put that sumbitch right ’round my bald-head-supporting neck.


Have a gander:

Take a grunge accessory...& change it
Take a grunge accessory…& change it
Capture a lil' bit of the sunstar...
Capture a lil’ bit of the sunstar…


I’d found this little dandy in the clearance section at Michael’s craft store.

It had previously been half-filled with a chunky, boring glitter (if glitter could ever be boring, this was certainly it)

I’m not sure what kryptonite of an adhesive the manufacturer used, but given the amount of effort and internal cussing I’d done to get it separated from the top…I’m rather pleased I didn’t end up on the News at 11.

Because, I *HAD* to do this.

And, I did. \m/

But, what to call my galaxy?

I don’t know yet…that’s for me to ponder.






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