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“Keeper of Curiosities”…

Healing Through Art:

My attempt to also journal the manner of all things bling and/or crafty in order to provide an outlet to express my healing in a creative way.


Here it is.

My “Keeper of Curiosities.”


It’s a symbol of those travelling “apothecaries” that promised to cure all that ails you by using a little of “this” coupled with a dash of “that.”


You’re healed.

If not?

You must be some kind of demon and therefore it’s your fault and you’d have died anyways.

Something like that.

This was one of those un-finished, plain wooden craft dressers that I procured from my local Michael’s craft store.  I painted it black.

[enter brain worm music of the Rolling Stones, stage left]

The paper collection I used was from my uber-fave, Graphic 45, entitled, “Old Curiosity Shoppe.”  Fan-freakin’-tabulous…I swear…*swoon*…scrapbooking porn.

I mod-podged scraps and bits.

I hot-glued*.

(*note: no snake was harmed in the making of this project.)

On top:

Stretchy rubber snake, Dollarama.  Painted black.  Symbolizes the pharmaceutical poisons I take/am supposed to take/will never take.

Mini bottles, Dollarama.  They contained glitter, which I emptied (and thusly looked like a two-bit, street corner…uh…never mind) and filled with: green embossing powder – “herbs”; Red & black paint – toxic blood; cotton swab tips/wire/mini safety pin – my own “Materia Medica”. Symbolizes the crap I’ll try just to feel some semblance of NOT being “healthily defunct.”

Eggs, Michaels.  Symbolizes hope.  (Seriously?  Yes.)  The “birth” of something new…maybe something that will actually help.  Though, ’tis a roulette game, …be careful…”May contain beautiful opportunities or dreadful side effects.”

Mirrors, Dollarama.  Reflects only what you wish to see…Beauty?  Or dispair.  Your choice, no one else’s…

Mini journal and pencil, Michael’s.  Symbolizes the plethora of note-taking, research, informational gathering at each and every appointment.

Dragon fly, element cut from patterned paper.  Symbolizes that not everything about chronic afflictions is ugly and depressing…there is beauty…you’ve only to look for it…


Apothecary shelf, element cut from patterned paper.  Symbolizes the enormity of what I’ve tried, what I require, and what would be beneficial to my healthcare requiem if I only knew what the hell it was that I actually needed.

Bird out of cage, element cut from patterned paper.  Symbolizes  that I will not remain a captive to my afflictions…EVER.

Oh looky! A non-descript bottle of “potion”…empty…the element of “We haven’t a bloody clue what’s causing that…So…uh…we don’t know how to treat it.”  My fave.

The background paper is full of numbers…A1C’s…blood glucose…Rheumatoid Factor…SED rate…heart rate…fluid levels…urinary output…dosages…

You get the point.

The drawers are labelled:

“Herbs.”  I have been having repeated and consistent dreams about anything and all things plant-related.  I have a “spidey-sense” that I really need (and by need, I mean like I need air) to take a herbalism course/program/thingy.  I deeply feel, down to the fibre of my essence…that the poisons I currently consume are contributing directly AND proportionately to the cessation of my cellular activity.

No shit.

“Tonics.”  Even has a couple more potion/tonic/elixir bottles in there.  ‘Cuz you can never try too many things.  Right?  *shifty eyes*

“Oddities.”  I swear to gods that some of the things people suggest for me to try makes me want to laugh/scream/groan/attempt all at the same time.  And that’s the stuff I talk about.  I don’t mention most of it.  Why?  You wouldn’t believe half of my made-for-tv-movie kind of life, I sure as shit know you’d be all like, “WHA’?!?”

“Curatives.”  I thought I’d made this word up.  At the time, it symbolized the fact that much of what I have has no scientific cure.  Having looked it up, just for shits and giggles, I see that the word actually does exist:

cu·ra·tive (kyr-tv)


1. Serving or tending to cure.
2. Of or relating to the cure of disease.

Something that cures; a remedy.

No shit.

Well then.

Imagine the possibilities. 😉


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