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Healing Through Art: Vision Board 2014

What’s the best part of doing a “vision board”??


What’s the bestest better part of doing a “vision board”??

Kicking one’s Go, Go SocialAnxiety Girl!! tendencies and going to make one with other friends.

“Dammit, Jim!! I’m a scrapbooking/mixed media artist…not a Vision Board-er!”

I had to Google “vision board.” True story.

I had to (no, I didn’t, but challenged myself to….) throw rules of thirds and lines and colour wheels out the window and just throw it all out to the Cosmos and the third ring of Saturn…


(What I also have, is much less anxiety in accepting invitations to do…y’know…”social” stuff…which by far exceeds anything I could possibly manifest by magazine clippings and tape runners…just sayin’.)

I’m working really hard on ^ that part. People want to spend time with me. I want to spend time with them without feeling like my inners are about to become my outers.

Have a gander, as I’d like to share it, let you in on a bitty of my journey through the goals and dreams I have through 2014:

Warning: 2014 contains moments of badassery (totally a word) and general epicness...
Warning: 2014 contains moments of badassery (totally a word) and general epicness…



“Achievement” is my word for 2014.

Dunno what that means, yet. Kind of excited to find out!!

Lots of phrasing and words’n’shit.

“COLOUR!!”, of course.

Manifesting the company of friends.

Wonder Woman has a presence.

Washi tape to re-excite my passion for crafting.

Military boots? Healing oneself takes balls and brains…often together…and that shit is haaaaaaaaaaaaard work!

“What’s with the sexy, masked woman?”

Because no matter the flare, the pain or the bitch-slapped-red-malar-rash…I will feel sexy. ‘Cuz that’s how I feel on the inside. 😉

I’m not quite sure about two instances of Wellies on there…if I dance in the rain, it’s barefoot…but I can’t wait to see how that one plays out!

Lots of plants’n’herbs. Obviously.

“I see a doughnut under the smiley apple.”

Because I have a choice.

If I want to have a mutha’ feckin’ doughnut, I’m going to. Period. It’s about balance. If I don’t want to have a mutha’ feckin’ doughnut, I’m going to *squee* over the “Colour!!” of the sprinkles!! 😀

I appreciated the opportunity to create something outside of my comfortable box of habit.

I further appreciated the opportunity to make a visual creation of the things I want to, or my subconscious will want to, manifest out to the Cosmos.

There’s one word on there that’s bigger, larger and louder than the others:


Challenge: [Accepted]

If you made yourself a Vision Board…post a link!! If you haven’t…would you? What would you want to see on it?? \m/




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