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Healing Through Art Project: Father’s Day

Kids Fathers DayEasy-peasy Father’s Day craft you can do for Mother’s Day…birthdays… yadda, yadda???


Procure yourself some oversized letters: foam, wood (as these were from Walmart, $1.49), cardboard cut-out…

Paint them. Glitter them. Wrap them in a cutsie lil’ bow.

Have your kids stand with the letters and take a photo!!

I spent a little (read: a lot) more on this frame, because I intend to re-use the letters every years to also illustrate their growth. 🙂 Clever, no?

“Poppa.” My husband is Swedish, and he is the stepfather of my brood/ gaggle/ flock/ pack.

Cool, eh? 😉

What kinds of crafting did you do this past Father’s Day?? Send me a link so I can see the awesomeness!!!

Go create. It’s a record that you existed. 😀








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  1. Shane

    This was the most awesomest of gifts to get. It is a reminder to me every day I see it that I am something special in their lives and yours.

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