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Healing Through Art…on ‘roids…

…and it’s not Prednisone. \m/


Many of my Facebook friends have been seeing my posts of various images of colour. Hot air balloons…flowers…the totally uber-awesome “Dude” van.

I’d indicated previously that colour makes me happy.


Colour makes me feel that little bit enlivened when I otherwise could succumb to the dark shadows of cyclical depression.

Colour makes me feel alive.

I’d also previously mentioned that I might want to do some kind of my “Healing Through Art” projects with regard to “colour.”

Well, my dear friends…I have found THE way in which to use colour in a Healing Through Art project, and I’m sure as shit gonna let you in on this lil’ beaut…because it will incorporate SO very much more of the “me” that is:


If this is what my life is like with “colour”…..

Full of personality, though....
Full of personality, though….










THIS….oh, yes, my dear friends…THIS is what my life will be like with what’s coming up for me in “colour”:










“What in the blue hell are you talking about?!?!”

An 8 week online course taught by none other than Melody Ross, herself!
An 8 week online course taught by none other than Melody Ross, herself!

Just signed myself up for “Soul Restoration” through the Brave Girls Club.


“Soul Restoration is for anyone who senses deeply that there is a better way to live and wants to do whatever it takes to get to a place of peace, joy, and purpose in their lives….no matter what difficult circumstances they are dealing with.”


Because I can.

Okay, well that…and I most assuredly have been dealing with difficult circumstances…and I most-ed-ly most assuredly need some mutha’ freakin’ reconnection with the “me” that is “Me.”

Beauty of it is…I’ve used various dollars and cents made through my participation in research studies (that sounds probably far worse than it was…) and paid writing that was able to subsidize the cost, thus reducing any monetary burden into my tighter-than-a…..*shifty eyes*….budget.

I’ve been feeling a little disconnected with my inner me…kind of like bobbing around in the water like a buoy (but not a BobbleHead, ‘cuz those things really freak the shit outta me…)…and the time is overdue for a date with myself.

[enter colour, stage left]

There will be colour.

There will be art.

There will sure as shit be some healing goin’ on…

And I plan to let you in on each and every morsel of that wonderfully colourful journey…



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