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Healing Through Art: Domestic Goddess

No, seriously…that’s what the paper collection is called!!! (O.O)

But while we’re on the subject….

Part 2 of my Healing Through Art…uh…thingies (projects)…that I have done is a mixed media canvas (16×20) using the Graphic 45 paper collection of “Domestic Goddess”…also the title of the project.

I must say I am REALLY starting to dig mixed media stuff…combining layers of paper, medium, paints, embellishments…and knowing that each and every single contribution of “thing” in my project has been chosen for a specific meaning.

Why do I feel the need to spell out the what’s and neat’s of these things?  Well, I don’t.  I just think it’s kind of cool to know what people think when they craft/construct/compose something.

I digress.

“Domestic Goddess”  The quintessential bane of my existence.  My love/hate relationship with all that is “ME”, can be summed up in these two words.

For so many years, I have been the master of my domain.  Literally.  I must have spent more time as a single parent, than as attached.  Just a fact of my life.  So it stands to reason that I’ve lived and managed in the household just the way I want to.  Y’know.  There’s only room for one alpha in this environment…and it’s me.

Five kids and a soon-to-be-husband later…I’m kinda freakin’ out a little.

On the one hand, I can run this house like a drill sergant…and you know what?  I’m kind of proud of that.  It’s damn hard, and I get it done.  I can budget down to pennies, and I can get 6 kids (4 mine, 2 daycare) dressed for a winter outing in 12 minutes.  I can also hold two babies and drink coffee at the same time.

I’m badass like that.

On the other hand, I LOATHE it.  I spend countless minutes looking at all the certifications on my wall…while I await kids to babysit and the laundry to ding.  I didn’t haul ass on 6 buses a day with two small children in -35C or +35C to earn not one, but TWO diplomas, both with Honours.  I didn’t work full time at as a family law legal assistant to earn my clerk-ship from the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario, while PREGNANT, birthed my third, and STILL continued to it’s completion…with Honours.

Yet here I am.  Cleaning.  Cleaning.  Remembering appointments and making meal plans and budgeting for “what was it, again?” and making arrangements for appointments.  Cleaning.  Cleaning.

So.  Canvas.  Coolness.

Top left: Key – to the house.  You’ll find in the bottom right, the doorknob.  Traipse through the threshold of the chaos of my reality…and hope, in the throes of brainfog, you don’t forget where you put the damned thing.

Spoons: I get the biggest.  Cuz I’m…y’know…chronically badass.  Lupus (with organ involvement).  Fibro.  Type 2 (meds) Diabetes.  Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Sjogren’s Syndrome.  Raynaud’s Phenomenon.  GAD.  IBS.  Ocular migraines. Just to name a few.  6 smaller spoons…one for each of my 5 children, 1 for my soon-to-be-husband.  Because chronic illness doesn’t just affect the afflicted.  Each and every one of them feels the effects.

All of the advertisements on the left side: Cleaning products – designed to make life a little easier? I’m always looking for easier.  And look!! There’s an advertisement for a wringer!!! ;o)

Strawberries: my favourite.  Smoothies.  Fruit chews.  Twizzlers.

Mini chalkboard with “Home” : I home-schooled each of my older two boys at two different points in time.

Teapot: I want to switch more into tea and lose the copious amounts of coffee that generally keeps humanity safe.  I like tea…I really do…and I’ve just started finding ones with not so much of that bitter tannin aftertaste.  Score.

Woman & Laundry:  DUH.

Sad Iron advertisement:  I can feel sad.  Likely more than would surprise you to hear.

“You can succeed” advertisement:  Well of course I can.

GODDESS:  First of all, damned straight.  This house ain’t perfect, but it runs like a well oiled machine: efficient and productive.  There is structure and logic and damn haven’t I earned this ass!!

Red shoes:  My click-3-times,  Calgon take me away,  Scotty beam my ass UP!

“Housewife” dress:  I’d had a really long-winded note about what I wanted to say.  Suffice it to say that I loathe the term, but DAMN do I not do a kickass job it anyways??

Clock:  Always about the time…on time…out of time…I don’t have a damned TARDIS, people…

Butterfly:  DUH.

Pouty red lips:  A least let me have lipgloss.  I don’t leave the house without makeup.  Why?  Because of the malar rash.  Google it.

Crown:  No shit, Sherlock (Hey! Did you see the trailer for the next movie yet?!?! Whoot!! \m/ ).  ONE alpha.  ME.  QUEEN SHIT.

Hanging over her shoulder is the “We can do it!” image I have on a t-shirt.  I like flexing my pipes.  Momma’s gots her some GUNS.  (Dude, seriously…I carried TWO babies all the time…at the SAME time!!)

“Fearless”:  Even if you can’t move, you can still be brave.

Coins:  Master Budgeter Extraordinaire.  I can also “creatively account” for the less “necessary” acquisitions. *grin*

Product Ads:  I’m addicted to perusing flyers.  I stalk the flyer dude.  Seriously.  It is a remarkable day if the flyers come a day early.  There is serious email flowing between myself and Flyer Force.  Flyers contain coupons.  Flyers contain deals.  Refer to the section on “Coins”.

Foliage:  Fall is my most favourite time of the year….even better than Yule.  The colours of fall are beautiful escapism from the chaos of my reality.  Fresh.  Crisp.  Crunchy footfalls.

Flowers:  I secretly love flowers.  I publicly loathe flowers for inconveniently dying and wasting my coins.

Lily Ad?  My second favourite flower.  Calla lillies.  *heart*

Doorknob:  No, seriously…there is a DOORKNOB embellishment ON. MY. CANVAS.  I am also the Master of Epic.

Fashion Ads:  Due to limited amount of coins, I rarely have “fashion”.  Also alludes to my innate ability to score at 2nd hand stores.  ALSO alludes to esteem.  As a Domestic Goddess, I’ve not only HAD. FIVE. KIDS, but I am FAR too busy dealing with them to take proper self-care to my own wants and needs, regardless of whether I’m wearing Lululemon or a 2nd hand hoodie.

Domestic Goddess?

CEO, CFO and COO of this house?

Damned. Straight. ;o)



  1. jellyjenn

    I am loving your mixed media explorations. And everything about this post. I’m trying to get brave and be inspired by your artsy endeavours.

    On flowers: yeah. I have the same secret love/public hate issue. Want. Can’t justify.

    On tea: bitter tannin aftertaste can be a side effect of steeping too long (hmmm; domestic goddess pours her tea and gets sidetracked by 27 other things demanding her attention before she’s able to remove infused bag/leaves?), tea can also be made bitter by squeezing tea bags, rather than allowing them to steep gently. And yes, different brands, varieties, different flavour and level of bitterness. Lots to explore! Come for tea some day, when you can get away. (HA!)

  2. Lemon-Aid

    After reading your post and seeing your beautiful artwork I’m kinda hoping a little of your “badass” attitude rubs off on me. YOU ROCK and you’re a fab artist.
    More please.

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