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Healing Through Art: Corn Husk Dolls

You can tell it’s coming…autumn…here in Ottawa.

Before the equinox is even on the horizon, it’s been a balmy 5C in the mornings for the oh-so-awesome school bus run.

You can smell it in the air, but some of the leaves haven’t even begun their painted splendor of hues.

I’ve been all crazy-lady trying to find and purchase mittens and gloves and whatever, OH, MY! *before* the onslaught of the cray-cray that accompanies that first flurry or three…that “Holy fuckernackles, no one’s winter shit fits!”…kind of thing.

Seems I’m *so* ahead of the game…I’m literally ahead of the game. Not many stores even have anything OUT. Not to fear, I found some today at the Superstore, FYI.

This coming weekend is our last camping festival. Just me and my husband…it’ll be too cold for the younglings. Mind you, it’s going to be too cold for me as well, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to participate in: a Harvest festival. 🙂 I’m even going to be doing a workshop on seasonal alchemy. Because I can*.

*I don’t really super-want to, because the anxiety is so bad it makes me want to throw up and pass out, not necessarily in that order…but I hope someone might find it as interesting as I do.

So, in preparation for the fest, I made up a couple of corn husk dolls to give to the burning man (not to be confused with the event held in Nevada, U.S.A.)…but just as feckin’ epic, so I’ve been told. It’s my first time attending this, and I can’t wait. 🙂 I’ve had more holidays this year and I’m so thankful for that.

No, not voodoo dolls...but don't tempt me...
No, not voodoo dolls…but don’t tempt me…

They’re not hard. At all. Simple as you want them to be. Complex as you make ’em. I want to add a few personal details of my own to them, maybe tomorrow…maybe if I find a few spare minutes from my job as CEO of the Universe. o.O Whatev.

I’d shared a tutorial this time last year (no, not the “corn husk voodoo doll” one that I’d actually found whilst Googling…wth?) to do with my daycare kids.

I like this one by “gardenmomma”…first, because it’s easy to follow if you’ve never made on before and two, because it uses fresh (aka, not dried) corn husks. This is important because I have to schedule myself in to pee…I’m not waiting for the feckin’ husks to dry. *stabby glares* I used raffia and not wire because I’m going to be burning these. I also just had to modify the ends by wrapping a piece of husk over the top, because our corn wasn’t as long as those shown.

Corn Husk Dolls ~ Tutorial

As you celebrate the harvest bounty…keep a few for yourself! They’ll dry up nicely and you can personalize them with clothing, hair…the imagination’s the limit! 🙂

Creative opportunities during the seasons are abundant. Immersing yourself in crafting doesn’t have to be intricate or labour intensive. Yes, I spelled that correctly. 😉

Your friendly neighbourhood Canadian Chronic Badass.


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