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Healing Through Art: A 10 Minute Mini-Make

I actually had the brain capacity to not only take all the younglings to the library for the purpose of selecting and signing out books for everyone to have for “mandatory reading time post-lunch hour” in my home during PD days and summer vacation…

…but I managed to co-ordinate our crafting time to be bookmarks.

*jazz hands*

Not just any bookmark…torn from a piece of scrap paper…but cool looking papers (aka, I had some of my Star Wars scrapbooking kit sheets left over) with ribbon and bling’n’shit.


We’ve been in the throes of a heat wave this week…humidity levels here in Ottawa made it feel like 44C. In Imperial units…that’s a hotter-than-hell 111.2F.

I think my eyeballs could have actually melted…I wonder what the melting point of an eyeball is…I bet it was pretty freakin’ close…

Regardless, we all made it…the younglings were simply stellar…and everyone got home happy and well into the reading mode.

Once I’d gotten all the supplies out, I thought to myself, “Well, shit…I  haven’t got a bookmark, and I’ll be damned if I’m paying $6* for one at the store…so I’mma gonna make me one!!”

*we’re going to casually neglect the cost of the scrapbooking supplies that we used that were actually procured in my more…uh…”creative accounting” kind’o’days…(o.O)…

Art and creativity do NOT have to take an hour.

In ten minutes, I:

Cut a template of a bookmark from a piece of patterned paper;

Inked around the edges;

Applied various matching stickers;

Applied a thin layer of Mod-Podge to seal up the lil’ stickers;

Fastened an eyelet;

Strung a piece of ribbon with a metal bead.


Front side of bookmark...
Front side of bookmark…
Backside of bookmark: TIP - use double sided patterned paper ;o)
Backside of bookmark: TIP – use double sided patterned paper ;o)











Now, I not only had 10 minutes of glorious escapism from all things health, herbs and hectic chaos…I also had a small piece of usable creativity AND…


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