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A “Timeline” isn’t just a FB thing.

NHBPM Day 15: “I’m going to do a prompt hijack and present to you another “Healing Through Art” project…with a special twist!”


I’ve been having sessions with a life coach.

These sessions (5 to date) have been eye-opening (and by “eye-opening”, I do NOT mean the kind of eye-opening you’d do when dealing with a whack-a-doodle).

It’s been hard.

I’ve had to….*GASP*….come to my own understandings and realizations.

Anyhooooooooo…this project arose from the need to outline my time.  Previously, I would have called this a “schedule.”

I may or may not have been a little resistant to the concept of this project, merely because of the staggering MACK TRUCK slap in the face I knew it would give me when I realized that the reason I never laid out my actual daily routine in the form of…well…ANYthing…was because I couldn’t bear to see that I, in fact, did NOT have the time to be the Wonder Woman I so desperately see myself as being.

“It’s like (s)he’s trying to speak to me…I know it…”~~ Marlin, Finding Nemo

My reality doesn’t allow me a lot of free time, and I couldn’t bear to see it in all it’s glory.

In fact, truth be told…all my time is, in fact, booked up.  Solid.

BUT:  get this…I have a choice.  I can choose to do something else in place of what’s written down because…well…because I have the power to do just that.

Just because.

It’s a beautiful, glorious realization.

ANYhoo……what really helped me to alter my perception was to change my idea of making a “schedule” into making a “timeline.”

(Yes, my first thought was Facebook’s page structure. I’m a social media diva, I s’ppose.)


The top board is my mantra board.  I used “Steampunk Botanica” paper collection because…well…I have my own steampunk character and I friggin’ love this genre of awesomeness.

My “mantra” is a collection of words that will change with how I need to read them:

“Believe My Own Choice”

If I need a reminder not to freak the frak out if I want to choose to do something that is not specifically written on the timeline, I can look to my mantra for solace and know that I can think of:

1) Believe.  Just do it.

2) My Choice.  As in, not yours.

3) My Own Choice.  Meaning, this is my life.

4) Believe My Own Choice.  For the days I’m really needing a kick in the ass to stop enabling myself to personalize the ways of the world.

I can look at my board and see that everything I do is a choice.  And, for the first time in my life…

…I can be completely comfortable with a change of choice.

It doesn’t mean I’ve “failed the system”…holy shit it’s just an outline of the reality of my life!!  But there’s the key…whereas before my exercise, I would, most assuredly, freak the frak out if I didn’t adhere to the “schedule”…now I can just gooooooo with the flowwwwwww.

Just means I’ve chosen something just as important.

I’m okay with that. 😉

**stay tuned for when I explain why the mornings are all filled up.  It’s spectacular…life changing potentials…it’s FRABJOUS news!!**


This post was written as part of Wego Health’s National Blog Post Month, 2012.

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