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A Healing Through Art project: Bone Dance

Every year our family attends the biggest public spiritual gathering in Canada, Kaleidoscope Gathering.

Every year there is a theme under which people connect, interact, learn and grow.

Next year’s theme?

Bone Dance.

Now, as I’m sure as shit certain the cosplayers and costumes are going to be FRABJOUS, and I very much look forward to checking out some post-Halloween sales for skulls’n’bones’n’day’o’the’dead schizzles…I’m excited for next year’s gathering for much deeper reasons.

Nothing says “challenge” to one’s healing, both physically and spiritually, like the head-on, public, facing of one’s mortality.

\m/ FTW!

Am I excited about that? Yes. One, to consider my current situation and further consider what shit, if any, I need to own. Two, dying scares the bejeezus out of me…not because I’ll be gone, but because I don’t trust (read: I have some deep-rooted bat-shit crazy control issues) anyone to do the All That I Do. Face your fears, Own your shit.

Facing my mortality makes me remember the day being told my mortality was on a timeline. I will relive this conversation every day over the next almost-year. My hope is that I will find a perspective that is comforting and enlightening…freeing.

Facing my mortality makes me consider my connection with my dieties and ancestors. My hope is that I will be able to redefine my perspective on ancestral living to encompass modern, new traditions…and continue to connect on a spiritual level that continues to broaden my views and deepen my personal mystery. Self-evolution. Eyes on the prize.

I look forward to stripping off the social prejudices of the world and joining my fellow friends in celebrating “Us.” We do, in fact, every year…which is why I love this festival and am so thankful my children will experience that all the best kinds of people are human.

Some of my best friends are human...
Some of my best friends are human…







So, in the precursory noticing of all things “Bones”…I found a dandy rubber stamp at my local Michael’s store. It was on SALE. \m/ A sign I was to procure the awesomeness. Totally.  😉

I wanted to craft just a simple, 8×8, layout. Right now. Right at the beginning of the thinking and of the pondering. I’m hoping that I’ll add layouts throughout the year as my perceptions deepen, turn, grow…

A description of elements follows:

Danse Macabre


(materials from Recollections collection; “Midnight Magic” patterned paper 6×6 pack; raven puff stickers, rhinestone; Stampendous! 2013 rubber stamp); Signo white gel pen; Stampin’ Up! page punch)

The stamp is really the schiznit of the concept. Perhaps considering mortality, the soul, the connection to the All of humanity…is like the score of our lives. It crescendos, it mezzo-pianos…like the song of our souls. I used the punch on the side as having taken a sheet of the score out of my life…a momentary glimpse into my Bone Dance…in the ‘right now’.

Bling. I put that s*t on everything. No, seriously. Rhinestone/crystal awesomeness. I like the shiny. Sparkles to illuminate dark feelings and perspectives. Crystal to remind me of earth. Pearls to remind me of water. This miraculous blue and green orb hurtling through time and space. Cosmos.

Ravens. Huginn and Muninn…two symbols of my ancestral path. When I feel lonely or lost…they remind me of my bloodlines, my strength, my empowerment…they remind me of my personification of virtue, worth and honour.

Crown. Roots of my paternal bloodline. Symbolic of my status as a matriarch of my hearth…the continuation of bloodlines through my children. Generational.

White lines. Bone. Bleached bone. Down to the essence and base of Everything that is “Me.” Made of the white light of the Cosmos.

Patterned papers. A touch of elegance in a journey that is oft considered macabre.


I look forward to the unveiling of my perspectives as the year turns…

~~”Do what you love. Know your own bone; gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw it still. Do not be too moral. You may cheat yourself out of much life so. Aim above morality. Be not simply good — be good for something.”~~Henry David Thoreau

– Henry David Thoreau~~ 


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