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Super Duper… #HAWMC Day 6

“Superpower Sunday! If you had a superpower –
what would it be? How would you use it?”

This was supposed to be easy.

Why isn’t this easy?!?!?

Mind reading? Hell no. Because I don’t carry the weight of the world’s problems personally at ALL. *shifty eyes*

Superhuman strength? Dude. For what?

Flame On! Um, insurance liability? No thank you.

Super elasticity? *cringe* With my luck I’d get an arm stuck in a revolving door and get…nope.

Flying? Don’t care. Nowhere to go.

Invisibility? Yeah, because I want to feel even MORE invisible with an invisible disease.

Hulk Smash? Now, that might be a stress reliever, right there.

Sweet mother of all things holy…what on earth would I wish for??

Telekinesis? *giggles* That might be way too much fun. Or, dangerous, depending on caffeine levels.


Healing? Too obvious. I mean, yes, DUH…but I’m sure some other radioactively transmutated health advocate would have already scooped that one up.

Time Travel? With my luck, I’d screw up the future by tripping over something in the past. Nope.


I know.


“Invulnerability grants heroes immunity to one or more forms of physical, mental, or spiritual damage. If you possessed this power, you would never have to worry about getting beat up by bullies, mending a broken heart, or suffering from depression.”

See, having a life-threatening kind of disease has taught me lessons I’d never have learned otherwise. That adds strength. The management of the disease has taught me endurance and perseverance.

What having a life-threatening disease doesn’t always teach you is how to manage the range of emotions, heartache and sure as shit depression that accompanies it whilst you try to manage The Everything. Because, life isn’t already stressful enough?

Managing the depression is…quite often…killer.

I believe the key to the treatment of any chronic illness encompasses the WHOLE body…mind and spirit, included. I wish more healthcare professionals would work together with patients and, most importantly, other healthcare professionals in the patient’s team of GP’s, Rheumatologists, Endocrinologists, All of the Ologists…in order to ensure the inter-connectivity of the mind-body is treated as one…not individual pieces of the whole pie.


Yeah. I’m gonna go with invulnerability. Because, more often than not, the cyclical spiral of depression is something I could certainly do without. Imagine trashing all that negativity out of your brain skull. OMG. The relief!!

I dunno. I guess that’s going to be as good as it gets.

I mean, I already have a cape…

Spidey "Me.", Spidey "Me."...does whatever Spidey can feckin' remember! ;)
Spidey “Me.”, Spidey “Me.”…does whatever Spidey can feckin’ remember! 😉


(me, Ottawa Walk for Lupus, 2012)


What would YOU choose??



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  1. Maria

    Following is a link for a series of documentary videos streaming this week that help people understand the underlying issues of autoimmune diseases and what can be done to reverse them. The website is
    The series is put together by Dt Tom Obryan. He talks with a variety of doctors to explain the basic underlying issues with all autoimmune diseases and solutions for them. There are also I interviews with patients explaining their healing journeys.

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