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#HAWMC Day 5: Super Hero “Me.”

#HAWMC Day 5: “Superpower Day. It’s a bird, it’s a plane it’s….you! If you had a superpower – what would it be? How would you use it?”


I *am* a Super.

Spidey "Me.", Spidey "Me."...does whatever Spidey can feckin' remember! ;)
Spidey “Me.”, Spidey “Me.”…does whatever Spidey can feckin’ remember! 😉



I can pop pills at the speed of light.

I can move as fast as a thundering herd of turtles.






If I could pretend to actually *have* a superpower…I *thought* I’d want to be able to hear people’s thoughts.

Then I thought about to what extent I drive myself crazy thinking someone’s Facebook status HAS to be about me…It wouldn’t work so well.

Then I thought about the ability to turn invisible*.

Then I laughed…and I laughed…and I laughed…

*referring to chronic illnesses as “Invisible Illnesses”

Then I thought about being super strong…like, made of metal or something.

Then I remembered how many blood tests I need and that watching the needles break as they hit my skin might, in fact, be counterproductive.

Then I thought about being this, like, uber-empath.

Dude, I feel like shit on a GOOD day…why on earth would I risk feeling like OTHER people’s shitty moods?

Then I thought about being able to fly.

Then I promptly thought about my inability to stay on my damned feet on a good day…with my luck, or by the Cosmos…I’d fly myself into a wall.

Worse still, someone’s backyard.

Filled with dog poop.

It’s Spring thaw, after all.

Huhn. This is a conundrum. What would be a really good super power to have?

Well, there really is only one power that’s super, isn’t there??

Because, yes. That is all.
Because, yes. That is all.





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