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#HAWMC Day 27: Book Report!

#HAWMC Day 27: “Book Report. What’s your favorite book and how can you tie to your health or life?”

I’m certain I could come up with a favourite book…but by gawd this was, indeed, a difficult endeavour! I think picking a favourite book is akin to picking a favourite child…each genre, like each child, possesses its own unique qualities and realm of escapism that I can relate to in a substantial fashion.

Watership Down.

Did you read it? I believe I read it when I was in Grade 7. It’s a vivid-in-your-head kind of read…and it’s about rabbits. 😉 Of course, it’s much more complex than that and as such, I wasn’t sure I could really relate the book to my health journey, or my life in general.


That’s the most obvious connection, of course!

But further still…cliques within the community of health-focused advocates and activists.

Watership Down is kind of akin to a literary Google+…where you find yourself in someone’s circles, and you can put people into your own.

There are circles for…people who try to educate based on research and studies.

There are circles for…people who try to impose their “righteous” holier-than-thou attitudes regarding everything you shouldn’t be doing…and everything you should.

There are circles for the bullies.

There are circles for the do-gooders who just want to help people find their way within their own journey…

Everyone just trying to do the best that they can with what they’ve been given.

Everyone just trying to survive the all-too-oft threats of the “destruction of their own personal warren” by disease and ignorance.

A classic across generations...
A classic across generations…


I find it to be a very cool point of interest that the names of the rabbits are natural, and many are often herbal and plant names that I’ve come to learn about and understand in its association with herbal healing.





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