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#HAWMC Day 14: Days without incident – 618

Liar, liar pills on fire...
Liar, liar pills on fire…



#HAWMC Day 14: “Well that’s just crazy! What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve heard about your health condition? Was there any context? What did you think at the time you heard it – and what do you think of it now?”


This prompt is a trigger.

I don’t even really want to write anything about it, and I’m not entirely sure how I could possibly put a witty spin to it.

People can be asshats.

Further still…people can make websites, articles, links, rumours and/or all of the above in order to tout the “latest discovery” or the “natural cure.”

People can be asshats for profit.

I give you:

Days without incident…618 days since I last had to use my cane.

What does this have to do with the prompt???

I did it.



Not by eating 100 pounds of broccoli.

Not by chugging a kegger of baking soda (do NOT get me started on the dangers of that one).

Not because I’m lazy or starved for attention or that I want to launch my recognition off of the suffering of others.

(I seriously don’t know how that one even applies… 🙁 )

Listen, I’ve heard it all.

I’ve heard about the “natural” cures.

I’ve heard about the conspiracy theories and Big Pharma.

I’ve heard that if I tune my yang (or was it my yin?) to the right direction (or was it frequency?) I can live better without illness.

I shit you not.

I’ve even heard that if I’d been a better person in a previous life, I wouldn’t be so sick in this one…three times I’ve heard that one…and it was so shocking that I actually misunderstood a friend saying something not even remotely close to that, that I took it to be the initial insult.

I’ve heard that Lupus isn’t actually “the” disease…it’s actually Lyme disease.

I’ve heard that I should just accept disease.

618 days without the use of a cane.

I can sure as shit tell you this:

I did it my damn self with the assistance of research, clinical assessment and natural “co-therapies” that will never, ever replace the good goddamn medical science that keeps me a-fucking-live.

*In my defense, I told you this post was a trigger…

I changed my eating.

I changed my physical abilities through exercise and weight training.

I changed my perspective and owned my damn shit.

*interesting to note: digestion plays a ridiculously important part in your immune system…

618 days.

One…reality…at…a…time. \m/

You can take THAT one to the reality bank, my friends… 😉

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