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#HAWMC Day 1: Shits’n’giggles

#HAWMC Day 1: “Laughter is the Best Medicine. In honor of April Fool’s Day, is there a something that always makes you laugh? A memory, favorite joke?”

Because I’m totally bat-shit crazy and doing another WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge 😉

Gosh…when you’re faced with a mo-fo autoimmune disease, how does one laugh…and keep laughing…during one’s journey?

1. Autocorrect Fail.

Dude. If you’ve never…you must.


Even if you’re  having the shittest of days…just click…tell yourself, “I’ll just read a couple…”

I take no responsibility for your tardiness for work, dates or the gym. Just sayin’.

2. Jupiter the Talking Cat

Watch them all. You won’t be sorry.

What else keeps me laughing? Genuine, wholehearted laughing?!!!


Mr. Llama.


The Llamster.

The Llaminator.


What keeps YOU laughing?

Let me know…I’ll go grab my inhaler… 😉


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