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It’s Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge!

I signed up last week.

Before the “Everything.”

Before “People.”

Before I took 2.2 seconds to contemplate the tax refund I would have been allotted had I still lived on my own, as a single parent, doing the “Everything.” and placing it into a non-refundable deposit on an apartment for “Me.”

Only. Me.

Before the straw that broke my proverbial back was shoved sideways up my candy ass (kudos to those who know The Rock).


I decided to do it anyway. Because, I’m badass with a side of bat-shit crazy like that.

Get ready. I’ve read the prompts for this month and they are going to be real, and they’re going to be uncomfortable, and they’re sure as shit going to stir up the reality of living with a chronic disease in a world where everyone else’s Awareness issues compete on levels that bring our esteems down when we’re supposed to have each other’s backs.

I’ve reached it, I verily believe. I’ve reached that level where My Life supersedes any rumour people could possibly fabricate. Any bullshit opinions people passive-aggressively push to the public as being “The Only.” and “You’re Less Than” if you don’t.

I’m writing this month for “Me.” It will be colourful and Cosmic and everything awesome…and it’s going to touch the very fabric of my soul.

You are most welcome to come along for the journey.

#HAWMC Day 1: Wordless Wednesday!
Since this is the start of HAWMC, post a picture
that shows how excited you are for the next 30
days. We always love a good Health Activist

No speak
Aw, HELLS no. \m/



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