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The Sword in the Sun

#HAWMC Day 10: “It’s often hard to like pictures of ourselves – post your favourite picture of yourself.”

“Today, try to look at yourself in a new light. Share a photo of yourself that you love. It could be happy or sad or silly or remind you of better times or of how far you’ve come. Though today is technically “Wordless Wednesday,” tell us why it’s your favourite photo of yourself and what it means to you.”



The sun is my light, for the shadows that tempt me to give up…for the sadness that plagues my spirit…for the voices that ask me why I wouldn’t chose to rest.

The sun is my warmth, when I feel the cold whispers of envy and jealousy behind my back for a life that no one can fully comprehend…for a life that is nowhere near greener on the other side, but merely the side I water.

The sword is my strength, to not take my life…for the ability to continue to live as my ancestors before me…strong…dedicated.

The sword is my empowerment, to stay true to myself…for the ability to say, “No. I don’t have to save the world today.”

The forest is my home, the natural condition of the earth to which I will return…for the learning of knowledge of the plants and herbs and energies that will prolong my fight for freedom from pain.

The forest is my release, the notebook of my thoughts and ideas…for the ability to connect with the footprints of those who came before me as they form the foundation for the footprints of my children.

The air is my comfort, the winds upon which change arrives…for the cleansing of the stagnant…for the breath that inhales the life-giving energy of the world.

The air is my medium, through which my words call out for help…for which I stand alone with the responsibility to create or falter.





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