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The Book That Brynn Built…

bookwriting#HAWMC Day 27: Titles

“If you wrote a book about your life, your community, your condition, or your Health Activism – what would you title it? Come up with 5 working titles.
What about your biography?”

This is going to get me a schiznit of commentary to the tune of, “So, when are you writing that book of yours?!?!”

1. The Girl with The Made-For-Tv-Movie Kind’o’Life and a Phoenix Tattoo.

<——Right here.

(okay, well, that’s supposed to be pointing at me…just pretend, k??)

There will be a book…oh, yes…there will be a book.

I told my husband about this prompt last night and was all *stupidgiddy* because it is, in fact, a reality that I would like to come to fruition. I was going to take many of my blog posts, interjected with the backstory of all that is “Me.” and throw it out there and hope someone, somewhere, will be able to smile, chuckle or damn well relate to the all that is “Me.”

Me: Y’know, I’m totally going to write that book, eh? It’s going to be when….well….I don’t know when it’s going to be.

Him: That sounds pretty damn cool!

Me: I was hoping that I could fix it up and script it and then publish it right around the five year mark when they told me I wouldn’t be here and it’d be all, “HUZZAH, asshats!” with the *middle finger salute* and all….but then….

Him: [knowing]

Me: …but then I realized that if I wait until then, there might not actually be a “then” at which point to publish it…


Him: [understanding where I’m going with this]

Me: [quietly cries]…do you even know what it’s like to live like this?!?!?

*wipes away tears*

Him: No. No, I absolutely do not. I only live it through the things that you say.

Well, shitballs.

Good thing the prompt today is all about book titles, eh?


So. I want something clever.

Cleverly obvious, or…y’know…nerdy or intellectually clever. Whichever.

But, wait! There’s more!

I want it to be so “Me.” that those who know me would see it and automatically think to themselves, “I’ll bet that’s the book that Brynn built.”

(said ten times fast so it will give me immeasurable giggles)

2. “Are you kidding me?” and Other Such *facepalms*

3. Purple Painted Ponies and Other Reality Myths

4. #Gladitude in a 2.2 Kind’o’Life

5. Even SuperHeroes Chug Valium Lattes

Could happen.

True story. 😉





  1. Monica Blanton

    I’m working on a book of my own, ” Laugh or Cry.” People often look at me with those sad puppy eyes like, “Aww poor thing, but you’re in such good spirits.” What do they expect me to be doing? Lying in the corner in the fetal position. I have too much living to do so for me it’s better to laugh than to cry!

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