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Technological Balloon Animals…

#HAWMC Day 23: “I wish this gizmo could track my condition!”

Information-technology-8It seems like every day there is a new device, website, application, or program that is implemented to help you track and hopefully improve your health. Easier said than done when it comes down to the reality of utilizing those new fandangle tools. Technology and social media are supposed to make life easier. How has technology helped you in your own life? What does ease of use mean to you? How do you envision technology fitting in to your life to help track your health? How would your life change if there were less or no, social media involved?


Holy loaded prompting, Batman!! 😀

Technology. Social media. All for one and not one for all…

First up, tech.

Here’s my admission: I’m a glucose meter addict. I have short ones, fat ones, skinny ones a hot pink one and, sweet mother of jeebuz…a TECH one!

The Contour USB. My diabetes education nurse really pumped the “write it down” concept to make one accountable for their glucose readings.

If I can’t put that shit in a graph or a pie chart, I call BOLLOCKS!!

I have as much time to write things down as…I have time to pee. So, I ultimately choose to use my time wisely and pee. NOT to write shit down.

My doctor? LOVES it. I’m sure she loves log books, too. Anyone actively participating in their healthcare scores big points with any physician. But graphing capabilities, parameters you can set for time spans…


I luvz it.

Online, I’ve really taken to a fitness app/online tracking tool called “Fitocracy” (@fitocracy). Now, I’ve never tried this “#myfitnesspal” one, so I cannot compare. But, frankly, I don’t feel the need to look because this thing puts the “gamer” into *geekgasm*. You earn points per workout. Workouts can include taking the stairs at work…shovelling snow…to pumping three times your body weight and wanting to become Canada’s Next Balloon Animal (no offence, whatever floats your boat). – I’m “vikingbrynn” if you’re on…add me!

You earn points to “Level Up.”

It’s like a freakin’ GAME. You earn achievements and props (= “likes”) and can participate in challenges and duels.

For those afflicted with chronic illness, this can be a FRABJOUS way to:

1) Make yourself accountable to you and your fitness goals, whether simply cleaning the house or bench pressing cars;

2) Make connections with other people within your interest groups who are also endeavouring to get moving; and

3) Make it fun.

‘Cuz moving when you want to crawl in a hole and cry can be a serious undertaking…this helps you find that other people are wanting to try, just like you.

[disclaimer: Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise routine and to make sure you’re health enough for sexual activity]

*shifty eyes*

Technology keeps me interested and accountable.

Social media.

Do I need it to use the tech above?


Do I like to be able to “share” and “+1” and “RT”?!?


Why? Isn’t that just the kind of stuff that makes you feel insecure when you see other people posting about it?!?

Dude. I’m not a balloon animal. I call it like it is with my I’ve-earned-this-ass.

I think, by now, that people know if I post a workout, it’s a DAMN fine accomplishment that I *should* be shoutin’ out loud.

I post and share because it’s makes me further accountable.

I can’t preach it to the choir when I’m shacked up eating SugarSmacks, eh?

I want people to follow…to listen…to learn…to “understand”…what challenges and obstacles I endeavour to overcome.

I want to be able to continue to have the same confidence and esteem in myself that keeps my I’ve-earned-this-ass going to the gym…the feedback and occasional “HUZZAH!” from my friends and extended global “family” does just that (If you get a “props” from a woman who is in physique competitions or a guy who can run marathons…well…you’re into some seriously supportive communities).

Would it change my (health) life if social media was less available or not around at all?

Huhn. My gut reaction would be to say, “Hellz no!”

Truthfully? I think it really would. By using the very same extension of accountability.

I think I would risk entering into either the “Eeyore Syndrome” or play the “Whine-1-1” game. I’m certain I might even hit up the “Why Bother Bar.”

That would most certainly affect my health and related care.

“With great technology and social media, comes great accountability.”

True story. 😉






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