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Sharesies…with bacon?

keep-calm-and-follow-me-8806#HAWMC Day 28: “Create a must follow list for your community on a single social network. Share your top 5-10 tweeters, blogs, or Facebook pages.”

Why are they so important, what makes them different? See what new ones are out there and share some of your favourites and see if any of them make other Health Activist’s prerequisite picks.


Step 1: Go back and fix the spelling of “favourites” to reflect my Canuck-ness (totally a word).

Step 2: Squelch the “wiggity-whack” for having to pick certain bloggers/tweeters/pages over others…there’s two damn days left to this challenge and by the gods I WILL go outside of my comfort zone!!


*shifty eyes*

1. The Bloggess: Dude. If you haven’t…DO IT. If you have, you KNOW. This woman makes me feel so comfortable in myself and my writing style and witty “humour” that I could sit with her and share va-jay-jay stories.  I often point out her posts to my husband to comfort his fears that he is the only person on the planet with a whack-a-doodle, bat-shit crazy wife. True story. (@TheBloggess)

2. The Chronically Awesome Foundation: You’ve seen the hashtag #chronicallyawesome… now join the community! It’s for ANY chronic affliction! Founded by Jules Shapiro, this is the place you need to be – “…[its] mission is to cultivate and support a chronically awesome community of writers and artists, to educate the public, and raise awareness about their needs, and advocate for resources to fight conditions they represent.”

3. Juli Bauer of PaleOMG: This chick writes like me, and about all things paleo. ‘Nuff said. (@paleOMG)

4. The Blog Nerds: I’m usually not one to follow these kinds of blogs because I find I’ve only been focusing my reading time (which is, like, 2.2 minutes at a time in the chaos of my reality) on my specific health issue or interest. A very new creation (2012), I’ve really taken a fan-girl liking to this online mag site which purports to “…connect you with blogs and obsessively cover the blogging industry and its culture.” For me, the structure of the site is not overwhelming, I can easily follow along AND I gain exposure to other areas of the blogosphere I wouldn’t have usually considered. It also has a registration feature, which I like. One day I might even present my site to them in the area of the importance of blogging for health advocacy. (@blognerds)


*shifty eyes*

5. Commander Chris Hadfield: This man is the schizzle of all things space. Why is this relevant? Because he’s the Canadian commander of the ISS (International Space Station) and he tweets/posts daily photos of this miraculous blue orb upon which we live. The images are breathtaking, and for me, serve to re-focus my attention on the less-than-stellar days. To realize the enormity of the fragility of this planet…to extrapolate the health/sickness of a human body to the health/sickness of the atmosphere within which we live…is profound. He’s changed much of the way everyday, normal human citizens can appreciate with gift we’ve been given…LIFE..and often from the comfort of his pyjamas. (@Cmdr_Hadfield)

So……………there. Did it.

This in NO WAY represents the plethora of things I follow and/or peek in on during any of my given 2.2 minutes…but they’re the ones that are my go-to recommendations for keeping that bookmark tab attached!!

**note: when Google-ing for “following images”…you are shown many images of Kevin Bacon in “The Following”…which is totally cool…’cuz everything goes better with bacon** 😉





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  1. Julianna Shapiro

    Thanks for the shout-out my sweets! You are the poster child for Chronically Awesome. You know how to take the ill out of Chronic Illness and rock out with your Awesome way the hell out there and you impress me with your attitude every day. Maybe it’s your Canuck-ness? If we all start adding extra ‘U’s to random words now and again can we be the badass that you are?
    I’ll give it a shot.
    I have lists in twitter, a Follow Friday list, a Chronically Awesome list, and lists for many chronically awesome conditions. It’s a great way not only to organize (or as you might say organise) people, but also a way to recommend groups easily en mass. You are on many of my lists. <3

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