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Put “flower” on my résumé…

#HAWMC Day 21: 

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.” – Mulan

cymbidium-orchid-wedding-flower-1– True or false? When do you bloom best?

“Who’you callin’ a pansy-ass flower?!?!?”


I’m shouting the loudest and the furthest when I say:



See, I don’t think it’s rare. I think people triumph through adversity of all makes and circumstances.

Adversity is an equal-opportunity triumph-er…available to all those who choose to claim it.

Therein lies the beauty of those who do.

Not everyone makes that choice.

Like a seed, awaiting the nourishment from the soil…the water…the sun…the “potential” exists for each and every seed.


choice + circumstance = flower

flower + perseverance + endurance =”beauty” + “rarity” 

Holy fuckernackles, I’m a mutha’ freakin’ flower.

*jazz hands*

When do I bloom best?

When I’ve had the opportunity to make mistakes, then Go, Go Intellect learn from it.

Is it awkward and embarrassing to screw up?


Is it challenging to learn new things and endeavour to improve oneself?

You betcha.

It’s work. It’s always work. And, when you’re already struggling just to get out of bed…to hold a toothbrush before Go, Go SpazzyHands here threatens to drop it for the third time…to wipe your own keister…all before trying to walk down the stairs…?!?

…more work sounds utterly insane.

And, there are those of us who endeavour to do just that.


And, what makes my challenges and endeavours to overcome them and push through…to keep on keepin’ on…”rare,” if you will:

There ain’t no purple ponies pooping butterflies jacked up on SugarSmacks.

My adversity is like Windex. Transparent. (I would’ve said Mikasa crystal, but given my life is more structured to cleaning than of baubles and trinkets…um…ya…) It’s the ups AND the downs…the highs and the lows…the additions and subtractions…the coffees and the teas…


[enter the Breakdown of 2013, stage front and centre]

It takes a certain level of “je ne sais quoi” to illustrate living the chaos of my reality within the confines of multiple chronic illnesses wrapped up in the cocoon of a mo-fo autoimmune disease.

Honesty. Truth. Reality. Humour. Wit.

Right there.


I iz one.



  1. Laurie Stewart

    Well said, though if we are all flowers, I’m a dandelion, and you’re a rose.
    I’m more sturdy, more underfoot, and more overlooked, but still useful and makes good wine.
    You’re more inspiring, beautiful, and seem more fragile. You also make good jelly and perfume. And turkish delight…..
    Hm, this comparison just kinda got away from me there…
    Suffice to say, I miss seeing your posts every day.

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