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“Put a Pin in your Bird” says what?!

Social Media Logotype Background#HAWMC Day 11: “Write about your favourite social network. Do you love Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? Why?”



Well, I can sure as shit tell you it ain’t Facecrack. GONE. DONE. DELETED. If I could “format C:/” I would.

I have never…EVER… been made to feel SO bullied in my feelings/ thoughts/ emotions …it’s like the Dark side of the Force…and without the fookin’ cookies.

*I’ve edited this post four times now…all the stuff was right here. I don’t think it would be a productive forum to illustrate my disappointment or sadness*

You think you know people.

Worse yet…you think they know you.

One (of eleventy-billion) example:

My “Wordless Wednesday” post yesterday was pretty raw, I felt. Very real. Very common, emotionally, to many chronically afflicted.

Do you know what one of the two comments was on its links on Facecrack?

“Do you have any Girl Guide cookies for sale?”


Let me put aside my complete emotional and mental breakdown to make sure that the world has cookies. Please.

Straw. Broken.


So, I’ve broken up with a toxic relationship between myself and the thumbs up sign and am going to better use the media by which personal stuff can only fit in 140 characters, or post an image of my thoughts/likes/wants/desires, or plus up a concept. It’s not worth the agony of putting myself out there personally. There are many other avenues of media that will permit contact from the people I believe I can help, but all the while protecting my fragile emotions and my psychological health.


[enter awesome segue, stage left]

My favourite social media right now is Twitter (@ChronicBadass) and Pinterest (VikingBrynn), and especially for health issues. Why?



That’s all, that’s it. I can push information Through Twitter like a car salesman. My personal health afflictions can be touched upon, sure, but directed to a better forum…here. Choice for those that are in my friends/family/acquaintance circles to choose how much of “Me.” they are really prepared to support.

“Hey, you do paleo stuff??? Check out my Board on Pinterest! Found some awesome recipes that don’t taste like crap on a cracker…cuz you can’t eat those, either!”


Pinterest took me a bit to get comfy with. I had to understand that YES: Pinterest is like when you “bookmark” a website into a folder on your computer…yadda yadda. BUT!! Oh, the but!!!

What did you save the link FOR?!?!?!

With Pinterest, you can see a visual photo/image of what excited you/information you found…you don’t have to click back through an entire website trying to jog your memory.

Twitter is a bit more scatterbrained, which, honestly, is pretty much all the time I’ve got for these days.

I have to study. It’s a lot of information (200 herbs….PLUS anatomy – already done – and applications of remedies) to fit into one year.

I have to attend my weekly pee-in-a-cup bonding with my nurse. HUZZAH!!

I have to attend at the gym, wherein I’m really feeling good about myself simply for the ability to get OUT of the front door and IN to the damn building.

140 characters.


I do dabble in Google+. Truth be told, I don’t understand it much…they keep throwing new stuff at the already new stuff and it begat confusing new stuff.

True story.

I’m also going to try to really make use of some of the image medias!! I love Instagram (no commentary required…that ship has sailed…try to keep up)…but I’ve noticed there are a couple of other really cool ones. I think it’s kind of cool to have images to represent some of the thoughts/perceptions/ideas that go along with the made-for-tv-movie kind’o’life. I would love to start incorporating a new “imagery” with The #gladitude project. 😀

Are there any newfandangled social media that you enjoy?? Are you happy with the “usual”…or are you hoping for a new forum to address something that’s missing from the regulars?






  1. Krista

    Yeah, Twitter got it’s claws in me too (btw you have yet to follow me…*ahem*….j/k you don’t have to! LOL), and I find it’s not so….clogged….as FB. I troll on FB now, post the odd thing about my weight, and that’s about it.

    • Brynn

      Of course I *have to*…you’re, like, the coolest person EVA’!!! True story!! 😀 I’m not “liking” the volume, either (see what I did there?) and it ticks me off that most of the post I *do* see are social propaganda. I’ve found myself far too involved to be able to be effective…uh…in my own life *shifty eyes*. And the bullying is still there…witnessed by the silence of friends. It hurts. I can’t move past that part. One day….

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