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Prompting #gladitude…

#HAWMC Day 22:Write about something ordinary that’s inspiring to you, something simple, perhaps overlooked, that fuels your activism.

Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference. Random acts of kindness such as someone holding a door for you or giving you a size bigger of the coffee you ordered. Seeing the green shoots of daffodils after a long winter, or enjoying early morning light after daylight savings time. They’re small things, often overlooked, that can make all the difference in your mood and your outlook on the world. They can turn a frown upside down and make your outlook sunnier. Write about those ordinary, everyday occurrences that inspires you and your mission as a Health Activist.”

With WebsiteSo. Have you heard the good word?

It’s called #gladitude.

It’s, more specifically, called The #gladitude project.


Even more specifically, #gladitude IS:

“To put it simply…it is a “representation”: the more people connecting with the concept of taking active action to find things that are small…the more we can bring comfort and confidence to those needing the encouragement to seek their own…and from this initial step, empower people to look higher and further in their #gladitude.”

“Isn’t it just gratitude?”


I’m thankful for a lot of things, a lot of the time. I can appreciate what I’m thankful for.

What is most challenging are days that are less-than-stellar…oh-so-very-dreary…wherein we *need* to find something, ANYthing, that can bring that little bit’o’sunshine to those of us who question the challenges and the length of the journey they make. It truly will be the little things…the small…the otherwise unobserved in the chaos of our realities.


Colouring with my 17 year old and my 6 year old twins…under the supervision of my 7 year old daughter.


Does that happen often? No. I’ve #gladitude that I willingly took into my hands the opportunity that I may have otherwise overlooked. A few minutes in a rather chaotic week.


Listening to a chickadee first thing in the morning. I’d not noticed it before. It was…deeply beautiful…

Dude. I don’t listen to freakin’ birds, right? But I did. And it was frabjously relaxing.

“I’m glad…I had the attitude…that I didn’t overlook the circumstance.”

Check out the tab at the top of this website “Get #gladitude” for posts of not just myself…heck, not just the chronically afflicted…but ANYONE who has ever taken 2.2 seconds/minutes/hours out of the chaos of their own realities to appreciate and find the little things that otherwise would have gone unnoticed and/or undervalued/appreciated.

Are you game?

Go find your #gladitude.

Tell me about it.

Let’s enlighten the global community that sometimes, it is all about the small things.





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  1. Laurie Stewart

    Gladitude was a little hard (and a little late) this week. I have been sick and too busy to lie down. Such is Osteoarthritis, migraines, damp weather and tax season.
    BUT my wonderful, patient man always tops the list. Even when I was severely bitchy through the worst of the pain, and his hip and knees were hurting too, he never lost his patience or snapped at me. I am very very blessed by this man.
    My `Laurie`s Spice Blends`should be up on the shelves at Finally Gluten Free Foods (112D Nelson St), as they were delivered last week. I got my first review and it was happy happy happy. (Sweet Curry)
    I found that the linen pants I wore to Jim`s nephew`s wedding last summer still fit (mostly) so I can wear them to his niece`s wedding in 2 weeks.
    Since it`ll be friday again soon, I`ll stop there. I still have that mofo migraine…. week 3, I think.

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