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Of Honeycats and cookies…

#HAWMC Day 14: “Thank a few of your fellow Health Activists for what they have done.  Call them out by name or twitter handle.  Share your love.”

Huhn. If I were to figure out how to thank each and every health activist that has inspired me, or countless others, I would need about a year of your time. I was confounded as to how to approach this post. So many people doing remarkable things every single day.

Kinda like those people who help me make it through the chaos of my own health activist reality…

Kinda like those people who are otherwise forgotten in the links and posts of a plethora of people shouting out the latest information of their afflictions.

Kinda like Nadine Steidl…who saw a post by Honeycat Cosmetics about an offer they were giving away to people who needed to hear something really special…and who took the time not only out of her day, but out of her own afflictions, simply to advocate my name and the reason why she believes in me.

This, was the result:



“Someone who loves you says don’t you dare give up!

Things will get better.”



Inside, a gift of a Honeycat washcloth and bubble bath sample:









Nadine….THANK YOU.

Kinda like Kate Lumsden (@KateLumsden3), who, upon visiting today with some friends to discuss an upcoming ceremony, took the time to procure products for, and to bake….PALEO cookies and cinnamon rolls for me:







According to some, that might indeed, sound *awesome*, but I can assure you this…

…at a time when I struggle to persevere through concurrently difficult challenges, this is “awesome”…. on steroids!


This means that for a moment or two in the chaos of my reality…something that is important to *me*…was recognized to be something that became equally important to someone else.

To everyone, everywhere, who takes 2.2 seconds/minutes/hours of their own time in order to lighten someone else’s chaos, I applaud you.






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  1. Laurie Stewart

    If I was doing the challenge, I’d name you. No matter how bad my day is, whether it’s my head (migraines) or my feet (Plantar Fasciitis) you give me perspective and a laugh.
    Your courage and determination are amazing and inspiring.

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