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Lupusella, the A$$-hat Unicorn…

chase__the_magical_unicorn_by_faxtar-d30yyfx-3915#HAWMC Day 8: “If your health condition was  an animal, what would it be? Is it a real animal or make believe?”

Not to be confused with a previous #hawmc post regarding my mascotPurella a Purple Painted Pony.


The “animal” that would represent my health condition(s) <——plural would be a unicorn (pronounced “you-knee-korn”…because it’s more fun and has a slightly sarcastic edge to it).

“D’awwww…because it’s beautiful and prancy and all?!?”

Wait, what?!?! We’re talking about Lupus, here, and it’s plethora of secondary syndromes. The you-knee-korn is, in fact, an aggregate representation of them all. In one. And it’s an ass-hat.

To others, they can’t see it.

It merely does not exist.

To me…well…look up the historical references to “Unicorn”…they’re in just about every faith…

Now look….closer:

Bible: “…the creature was variously represented as a kind of wild ass…”

China: the qilin – “…  it is a hybrid animal that looks less unicorn than chimera, with the body of a deer, the head of a lion, green scales and a long forwardly-curved horn…”

India: “…produces a one-horned horse sometimes called a cartazonos, meaning…”rhinoceros”…”

So. Now I’ve got some freak kind of “thing”…sorta kinda like a deer body, lion’s head and scales built like a rhinoceros brick shit-house using the cover of a wild ass.

THAT…is lupus.

I would’ve said “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”…but that would have been too easy and way less fun. 😉

(image: unknown source…if you know…send me the info for credit, please!)




  1. Sherri

    OMG this made me laugh! Not much humor found in this awful disease but you sure managed to dig some up! Thanks for brightening my day!

  2. saundy

    That is great. Made me smile. I probably would have said porcupine because most days I fell prickly and some days I act prickly.

    • Brynn

      “Faxtar” for the WIN!!!!!!!!! At least, I hope so. I didn’t alter the photo, and it’s been clearly altered…For now…”Faxtar” for the WIN!!!!!! 😉 Thank you so much!! 😀

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