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“Life is full of obstacle illusions”


~Grant Frazier

#HAWMC Day 5What’s your one, three, or five year plan for your Health Activism?

It’s one thing to dream about all we want to do in our activism and advocacy…it’s another real, and often very scary and uncomfortable, thing to put it into goals.



goal [gohl]


the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.

It’s never too late to make a goal for oneself. Ever. I find it a shame when people let their afflictions seduce them into a false sense of mundane…of “less than”…of “incapable.”

You, my friend, are never mundane. There is hope, and there is possibility. And we are all highly capable of both. I do not, will not, ever let my disease enable me to be a lump.

Lumps aren’t even for gravy.

True story.

Mission Statement:

To be known in the global health community as a Canadian health advocate and activist providing resources and inspiration for the chronically afflicted.

One year:

In one year from now I will have since attended two social media conferences.

GOAL: I will implement the plethora of ideas and suggestions learned by my attendance at each, not just hoping the shit comes together on its own. Y’know, actually *doing*…being pro-active in my usage. I’m hoping to augment my “branding” of The #gladitude project. I might even make myself a t-shirt. 😉 I’m hoping to overcome a lot of the anxiety I have in using social media. Yes. That is correct. I’m bat-shit crazy like that.

If you’re in the Ottawa area, and have interest in all thing social media, I can’t recommend this conference enough:

Social Capital Conference – A social media learnathon

Three years:

I will be on the cusp of beating my timeline.

GOAL: I will be contributing to the public community “in person”…volunteering, having established an “In Real Life” presence. More connections…more networking. I will be sharing and practising herbal knowledge and natural medicine to sustain my health and the health of other chronically afflicted folk.

Five years:

GOAL: I’m still here.


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