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If just for one day…

#HAWMC Day 26: “What’s a day that you wish you could have used a pain-free pass (either in the future or the past)? How would being pain or worry-free impact that day?”

IMG_1572With this thought in mind, imagine a day where you wish you could have lived without the burden of your condition – imagine what that day would be like if it were pain and worry free. It could be in the past or present. It could be the day of a wedding or a party or even a regular day spent by yourself. Imagine you just opened a chocolate bar to find that Golden Ticket to a Pain-Free Day. Or that you just picked a Get Our of Pain Free card in the Monopoly Game of life. How would you use it?




Figured it was a great day to pick as my “I wish I had a Get Out of Pain Free Day” as our anniversary is coming up next weekend!! 😀

A day like no other.

I’ve never been married…yet I’d been married for six months already.


I’m one of the lucky gals who had two “weddings” 😉 One, civil…a logistical arrangements for financial protection…a year and a day from our engagement, also to uphold my Celt ancestry.

The second…a day of extreme spirituality in front of family and friends.

It was………..EPIC.

IMG_14332012-05-05- Getting ready 24 - Hannah at the window (149)I made everything. The invitations. The table number frames. The seating chart. The ring nest. The head table foliage piece. I taught myself to sew and made all the clothing my five (FIVE) children all wore…

We walked into our reception to the theme from Game of Thrones, processed by our custom-crafted family shield.

[yframe url=’′]



That day? I wanted to vomit down the hilt of the sword I was to carry to gift to my husband.

I spent the  majority of that day fighting back tears from the pain of the lower lumbar post-disc-rupture of only four months earlier. I didn’t think I’d even be able to walk at our wedding without a cane…let alone dance. My hands hurt so bad it was simply a matter of “handmaidens” and my mother doing up the lacing on my dress that it was able to get worn…I held my arms up so they could reach the lacing and every fibre of them was burning…


And I did walk.

And I did dance.

And I put aside each and every ounce of hounds-of-hell pain in order to stand in that doorway with that sword and mutha’ freakin’ OWN IT.

These tears?







Not from pain, but of looking into the eyes of the man that changed my life.


Shane, if I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to say, “I love you.” ~ vows



  1. Shane

    And that…right there, is why I love you so much. Reading this brings tears to my eyes. Remembering the day, the feelings, the emotions. It was a magical day to be sure and we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Gods smiled down upon us.


  2. Stephanie

    Tears for a Friday morning? Yes, yes I think so.
    You are a beautiful woman who managed to find a beautiful man to share your love with. :o)
    It was a wonderful experience that I feel very lucky to have been a part of.
    (((Hugs and love)))

  3. GypsyDee

    The fact that I was blessed to be part of this incredible, majikal, memorable day ..I can still feel the power invoked in that room…It literally FELT like we were in the hallowed halls awaiting our Queen to wed her King….
    Reading how much you endured to make this happen….If I thought I could not love you more….I was wrong…
    THIS is why you are MY living hero.

  4. Tracy

    It most definitely was EPIC!!! The joy all around, and two wonderful people being joined together amongst the joy. I grok the tears (A picture full of emotion), and the whole day was amazing and awe inspiring to behold. As Dee said, you are also my living hero. Much love, and painfree hugs.

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