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I [heart] myself…

#HAWMC Day 29:  “We all know Health Activists are awesome. Share three things you love about yourself, things you’re great at, or just want to share. Don’t undercut or signpost!”

“Paging Ms. Esteem, stage left…..paging Ms. Esteem, stage left…..”


What….I love…..about myself……

(What the hell does “signpost” mean and can I do it?!?)

Um, okay then.

(I loathe these posts because I fear that I will unintentionally come across as a pompous asshat…)

So. Right. I got this.

1. I love scrapbooking and mixed media. Uh, I’m good at scrapbooking and mixed media.


100_0147 100_0148


























2. I’m always willing to work on self-improvement. I don’t always like it, it can be difficult and it’s often uncomfortable, but I own my shit.

3. I took a chance (and by chance, I mean “threw it to the fucking wind and hoped for the best”) and had my hubby photograph a quasi-boudoir session yesterday…

I came to this conclusion:

At my end of days, there will be NO ONE who will stand around telling stories about the size of my “I’ve-earned-this-ass” or what the skin on my belly looked like. They will, instead, speak to my worth and honour and how I endeavoured to overcome the cantankerous hell that life threw at me with passion, perseverance and the strength of a Superhero…


I’m pretty sure it’ll only be my husband who’ll want to remember my boobs, so now he has some photos of those, too 😉



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