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Challenge: [Completed]

Complete#HAWMC Day 30: “You made it! 30 posts in 30 days! Today, write a recap of your experience. What was your favourite prompt? Least favourite? What have you learned?”

Describe your #HAWMC experience in one word!

Step 1: Change all instances of “favorite” to “favourite.”

Better. 😉

WHOOT!! *fistpumps*

Yet another writing challenge in da BAG!!

Why do I do these?

Why do I purposely accept a challenge that will serve only to add to my overfloweth of all things cosmically chaotic?!?!?

Because I can.

And it doesn’t “add” to it in the way one might think. In fact, it allows me the prompting to release the thoughts and ideas that swill around in my brain without outlet.

I put in an order for a pensieve, but it hasn’t come in yet. *shrug*

Here’s a recap of my five favourite posts:

1. Lupusella, the A$$-hat Unicorn

2. Three Cures Walked Into a Bar

3. Lean on me…but gently...

4. It’s about to get very real

5. The Book That Brynn Built

Y’know, it’s funny (and not in the evil, maniacal way)…the posts that I loved writing are often not the ones that have the most significant impact and resonate with people. Fun is fun. Real is real. But I will *never* know and/or understand why some posts just hit that “je ne sais quoi” with people endeavouring to persevere through their own challenges and journeys.

It’s interesting to see this and is a substantial part of what keeps me wanting to write…to hopefully put myself out there to the extent that someone can pick something from it and relate it to their own lives.

Well, that…and I’d friggin’ explode  without an outlet within which to release my…articulations. That’d just be messy.

And, I’d have to clean it up. I’ve simply no time to pencil that in, sorry.

To sum up another #HAWMC experience in just one word?

[enter Jeopardy theme, stage left]


Always so many opportunities to learn about yourself when you’re prompted to write about topics and ideas you wouldn’t normally choose. 🙂


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