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Challenge: [Accepted]

Write#HAWMC Day 1: Why HAWMC? This is our third year of the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge – why did you get involved this year? Are you a newbie to #HAWMC or a veteran?


Because I’m bat-shit crazy in a made-for-tv-movie kind’o’life. Why else?

This is my third writer’s month challenge. When I first did it, I was wanting to gain a little more exposure of my condition and my cause…hoping someone would get hooked on the chaos of my reality and think, “Hey…she’s pretty cool.”

What I ended up gaining, to my surprise, was a new-found appreciation for having to write outside my Sheldon Cooper-esque comfort zone. I like writing. I love writing. I feel that writing is a therapy of sorts to speak the often un-addressed issues when riding the crazy train through funky town (you don’t want to know what I just typed…true story). But being “told” what to write…well…that just doesn’t sit well with me on many levels. No one tells me what to write. *I* tell myself what to write.  Y’know, that kind of thing. 

One does not simply walking outside one’s comfort zone.

The prompts challenge me to do a few things:

1) Write in a style I don’t like. I tend to be “eloquently verbose.” When I’m asked to post nothing but a pictorial image…I have an anxiety attack and think all of my readers will click “unfollow” in a cacophony of discontent. True story.

2) It provides to me the ability to write about things that I wouldn’t think necessary to further awareness of my cause(s). It provides to me the ability to be…..a human being with thoughts and feelings and interests, OH MY!

3) Allows me to connect with my readers on a level sometimes more personal than I would have cared to express. And I express a lot. *shifty eyes*

4) I secretly get to spew blog posts at unsuspecting friends on the interwebs. It’s like training for taking over the world. Strategic planting of my name and “brand”…thus, effecting awareness.

That. 🙂




  1. Jamee @ A New Kind of Normal

    I am really looking forward to reading your posts this month! I have been blogging for almost six years but have really started to take it seriously and grow in the last three years. I cannot put into words how blessed I have been by being a part of the online health community! I look forward to hopefully having the chance to connect with you more!

    • Brynn

      Sweet mother of pearl!! It’s Jamee!!! *happydance* Yours was one of the very first blogs I connected with two years ago when I started this here shindig 😉 You’re an inspiration, and I’m so thankful you took a little bit from your own reality to share in a little of mine xoxo \m/ Very happy gal here…look forward to making solid connections!

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