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The #gladitude project



An individual or collaborative enterprise planned and designed to achieve an aim.



Pleased; delighted.

“Gladitude” is a psychological status whereby an individual makes certain concessions to recognize, and publish, how they feel “glad.”

This is an equal-opportunity project regardless of health status. 

Life holds realities that are often fraught with stresses and chaos that build an accumulation, a plaque, if you will, of negative thought processes.

An accumulation of negative thought processes most often leads to episodes of physical manifestations of stress, such as muscle spasms (ex, “chest pains” – as unrelated to heart health or disease), stomach and digestive disorders, migraines, general fatigue and depression, just to name a very select few.  There are many scholarly and scientific articles and studies which illustrate various chemical imbalances that may also occur in some individuals experiencing stress , and I would encourage anyone to research for themselves and to involve their primary (or secondary…tertiary!) caregivers in the discussion of such health events.

Just as there is the mantra of reducing one’s stresses by “not sweating the small stuff”…I had to wonder:

What if MY definition of “the small stuff” was different than YOUR definition of “the small stuff?”

Further still:


…and here we find ourselves…establishing the formula of the creation of the cosmos of All Things That Are Small:

Finding that one is feeling pleased + Having an attitude to re-establish aim with a purpose + creative imagery =

There is a tab at the top of this blog that outlines the aim of “the #gladitude project!

For today?  Today wasn’t a bad day at all.  In fact, it’s the first anniversary for my husband and I!  I was gifted a most beautiful ring…and I don’t think I could necessarily find one glum thing about celebrating love (the weather is cold and rainy, and I feel like my legs belong to someone else).

But I wanted to kick this off right, and I looked around for a small measure of #gladitude for today.

This was, most assuredly….IT:


My studio space.  I am SO glad that I have a space of my own and that this little book that I’m working on is a symbol of my perseverance through the pain in my hands and wrists that often threaten my daily functioning.  I’m also UBER glad that I was gifted a whole bag full of yarn, within which were a few balls/rolls (what the heck are they called, anyways?) of fibre I can use in my crafting projects.

My #gladitude for today. 😉

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