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It’s #gladitude Friday!!!

With WebsiteCrazy week. But, really…aren’t they all when you live in  your own made-for-tv-movie kind’o’life?

I need my own theme song.

True story.


While I was immersed in the throes of parental blissdom of allergy testing for Thing 1, hearing testing for both boys and new glasses for the Miss Diva…people were out noticing the things that made their own realities just that bit more frabjous. They found their own part in “The #gladitude project.”


#gladitude – having Szechuan for dinner and watching The Hobbit with my man & knowing my daughter is in a little better place this evening.

Dude. Szechuan and Hobbit? I can feel the stressors of your day just melt away. I understand completely the feelings for our older children who need just “that little bit more” to assist them in their journey through their own challenges and endeavours. My hugs to you all. 🙂


I have a #gladitude for Pamela. Experiment #1 on replacing her fave spice mix is in the oven (roasted veggies). Why would someone think that microground cornmeal makes a good second ingredient in a spice mix? Mind you, the silica in my former favourite Mexican seasoning gives one pause for thought, too.

So, what does one do when one finds there might be need?? You start a blog!! You can read about Laurie’s (free range) Spices here. Well done. And frabjous recipe, to boot!!


Occupational Therapy got me a wheel chair to use so I could go outside and park myself in a patch of sunshine for the first time in over a month.

Okay, lemme start by saying I need to write a letter to make a statement wherein I demand that parking fees at hospitals are absolutely fucking ridiculous and the people who think they are not, are ass-hats. I have had not one, not two, but THREE individuals I care very much about in the hospital this past week…and not only does it cost me money to see them, it costs a LOT of money to see them. HOW does THIS alleviate the stressors of being a patient in a hospital when people cannot afford the ability to visit? How?!?! *angry Brynn*

Instead, I must carry my dear friend Christine in my thoughts and on my heart. Every. Single. Day. 

Shane (aka, “Husband”):

It may be a crossover, but one of my #gladitude this week is being chosen as the Geek Dad of the Week, on Geeky Godmother!


Shane (aka, “Husband”):

Another #gladitude is a short work week this week and next!

Hello, Sweetie. 😉 I have a geek-boy for a husband. Matches my inner geek-girl. I’m proud that he has taken the challenge of raising five step-children and finding something to bond over with each and every one of them. This man holds my heart at his side. But not like an Ood. That would be creepy.


Mine would be being able to see my dad get remarried on Sunday, and being able to spend a day with my sister and her husband at Universal Studios (I only get to see them 1-2 times a year)….

I am loving following the pictures posted of the visit. The bestest part EVA’ about social media sure as shit ain’t the drama and bullying, but honest to gods connections through the interwebs to those, like me, who love to feel just a little bit a part of it all…just to witness the joy and successes that people have. Love it. I hope Sunday is a glorious day full of blessings and love and laughter that will create a perfect memory!


…being made a priority by somebody I feel very close to, regardless of how busy their week is.

If there is one thing I know for certain, it’s that time is precious. I “get” busy. I “get” being caught up with the chaos of reality. So, when someone takes those 2.2 seconds/minutes/hours of their time to spend a little with you…that is #gladitude.


The spontaneous love and support of friends who had no idea I was hidden in the sludgy pits of sadness and self-hate but somehow chose that time all at once to comfort me and lift me up. Forever grateful that I have people like that in my life whom Rhian R. has brought into my life.

I miss her terribly. Like a Phoenix, her death inspired the birth of a friendship between us. I will never, ever, take that for granted. I think it is very important, and a lesson I’m still trying to learn and apply, to always  take 2.2 seconds/ minutes/ hours just to connect. Just a ~~~~~~fly by huggin’s~~~~~. Sometimes, it’s all we need…just for a moment…just to re-connect with our reality. ( I invite all those who knew Shanty, aka Rhian, to have a gander at the website he helped to make in her honour:


Dinner with awesome friends, and the decision to make it a weekly event. A cat-sitter, so we can leave Yeti’s diabetic butt home while we visit Jim’s family. Things moving along in my film world, this one could make money!

A very fortuitous week, indeed!! Again, all about connections…making memories (and films!!) that will last a lifetime. I hope everything moves along in your favour, and hope to follow your newest endeavours!! 😀

Lee Ann:

Finally getting out and being free (a little poorer but definitely free!)

And by “free”, she really means flying into a new adventure as Geeky Godmother!!! Just call out to her, and she will assist in your every wish!! 


Seeing my strawberry seeds sprouting, I now have 6 wee lil’ plants.

WHOOT!! I must admit, I’ve got seed envy. I’d like to try growing some of my own culinary herbs…but I’m a little nervous, given that I can’t keep a goldfish alive. Sea Monkeys, yes. Goldfish, no. Do seeds come pre-frozen with lil’ food packets I can give every few days??!! 😉


Being asked to walk in the 2 Spirit Staff in the Grand Entry for the Children’s Pow Wow,and being given the honour of holding the Veterans Eagle Staff…I wept remembering my family members who have served.

Words fail to articulate my privilege to know you. You serve your ancestors proud, and your family’s contributions will never be forgotten for as long as the people have a voice to tell of their stories. Meegwetch, dear friend.

So. Me?

The sun is warmer upon my face. The days are becoming longer. There is an air of “new”.

RosieI got to spend a few glorious minutes “howling” with my dog. See, being a rescue, I’ve no idea how her life was before us. Given her trembles and fearfulness and timidness and muteness…I have to wonder. She’s only barked 4 times in the 5 months we’ve had her (and she’s 4 years old). I think she might be afraid. So, when we spend time “teaching” her to play, we howl and growl and bark and generally look like spazzes. It’s awesome. Yesterday she was SO excited to see me come home after the gym (again…huzzah!)…she started making sounds. So I howled. She howled with me. And I cried. My beloved, blind rescue.

My Rose. My companion.

Geek Girl Badass…..out. 😉

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