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So, I’m a few hours late with the “Friday #gladitude” post, but I swear!!!! I have a very good reason. 😉

First, let me start by saying how comforting it is to know how many other people are starting to look through their mundane, or less-than-stellar days to find those small things that help them make it through, no matter what.

Mental health is such a fragile state it needs to be consistently groomed, pampered and acknowledged.  Otherwise, it can be one short bus stop through Funky Town on the Crazy Train.  I strive to express the #gladitude that others feel because I think it is also important to view and understand what makes others in our community tick.  It’s why The #gladitude project was created.

*I* need, on those less-than-stellar days, to find that one small thing that I genuinely hold onto and favour having noticed its presence for that day.

Here are some of the #gladitude that I found during this past week:

Marie: If you need an appliance removed for FREE, call these folks! They showed up with a pickup truck and a dolly within 1 hour of my call. The best part? If the appliance can be repaired, they are donated to families in need. Today’s load (washer and dryer) were headed to an Ottawa Housing resident who is raising 3 of her own children plus the child of her best friend who passed away suddenly. #Gladitude is finding people like these, who donate their time and resources to help others in some fantastic ways.

There is still humanity left in strangers and community.  They way it used to be.

(*note, I did not provide a link only because I will endorse services/products I’ve personally used)

Jacqueline: I have a half sister. Named Erin. She wants to get to know me. Always has. #gladitude

Jacqueline had also mentioned that by watching other friends (like myself, but won’t take any credit for…) outlining their ancestry on certain online programs and such, it gave her the inclination to find living relatives of her own.  I wholeheartedly hope the connection lasts a lifetime and am SO thrilled to know that by putting even the mundane of my made-for-tv-movie kind’o’life out there…people can still find SOMETHING to be inspired by…

Christine: #gladitude  My gladitude this week is huge….it is community. someone offered to pay for an aid to come look after Eve and I (I declined the offer as I think we can manage now we have a chair but the offer blew me away), someone else went and got a wheel chair for me and delivered it here and someone else has just offered time and company the value of which cannot be told. I am so lucky to be surrounded by the community I am a part of.

Christine’s granddaughter broke her leg and I am excited to express my pleasure that, no matter how hard, my wonderfully independent friend (read: stubborn and strong-willed…maybe a bit like me…*shifty eyes*…) put it out there and asked for help.

Further still.  She received said help.  Which will condition a psychological network of whateveritis that will enable her to do it again. 🙂

ME: #gladitude: A troubled teen-age son who will still give a hug at the end of a “blow-out” so that we don’t leave each other mad for the day.

Not only do I manage 5 year old twin boys with moderate to severe language and comprehension delays, I also manage a 13 year old son with behavioural difficulties who is required to live with his father 5 hours away in order to alleviate the extraneous chaos of our reality/busy-ness of the home here AND…a 17 year old son who is still struggling to regain his footing and academics after years of substance abuse.  I had a particularly bad blow-out with the latter first thing this past Monday morning.  No matter what, HE initiated coming back into the house, and saying, “We shouldn’t leave each other mad for the day.” <3

Then the beauty to end all hell-in-a-cell type of weeks…..


“Painted Rocks Curious  Casey’s Rose” (per: AKC registration papers)

She’s a 4 year old American Cocker Spaniel…and she’s blind in one eye, shadows & light in the other…and she’s just a friggin’ well perfect as me.

My husband asked him to marry him 3 weeks after my diagnosis.  He wasn’t going to give up on me…

…I won’t give up on her.

We call her: “Rose”…and hope she’ll signal the Doctor when she needs 😉








Keep track of your own little pieces of #gladitude…

Be well. 😀


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