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Friday #gladitude

It’s #gladitude day!!!

Were you able to find one small thing today that took your focus off of the chaos of your reality…your made-for-tv-movie kind’o’life…that you’re “glad” you took a moment to notice?

Remember:  I will be posting any #gladitude that you would like to share (photos, links to your posts, etc).  Check out the particulars of “The #gladitude project”  here.

Here are a couple that I received that I’d like to share.

Pretty rockin’ for having had “The #gladitude project” up for less than 24 hours. 😉


“When I am having a bad day nothing makes me remember to be grateful as much as Pyr lovin'”

Seriously.  Who could NOT be glad for some Pyr lovin’?!?!

His name is Ryu…or, “Roo”…

…and he is awesome.




Hi Brynn, This is my pic. It’s chicken quesadilla. It was really greasy/oily. But the reason it perked up my day, is I was with Sherrie. We went to the states, to Ogdensburg. Had supper then went to Walmart. Spending time with her, makes me happy. I do a lot of crappy jobs (this was just a trying day, not a crappy job), for her.

This one made my heart smile.  I smile because he appreciated the “opportunity” to share a moment with someone loved.  I think in the hustle and bustle of the chaos of our reality we seem to lack the appreciation for the OPTION that exists in the relationships between ourselves and our loved ones/friends/family.  It’s a choice.  Loved ones are sometimes the first to get moved to the side in the functioning of life itself.



Words fail to articulate precisely how hard this was for me to do today.

What happened is that I awoke this morning:

I felt like the hounds-of-hell bit my legs off, then replaced them with someone else’s legs, then forgot to tell me they were not returning my appendages within a near normal time-frame.

Doesn’t happen TOO often that it’s so bad I can hardly walk, but today?  Yup.

Whole point being is that I laid on the couch until mid-afternoon when I had to get up to go pick up the younglings from the school bus.  I even dozed off.  It was a beautiful thing.

Check out the purple fuzzy socks.

They’re….zazzy. 😉

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