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Friday #gladitude!!!

With WebsiteWell, how ’bout that. Friday.





A whole just zipped by! (o.O) That means it’s[——-this——] much closer to summer holidays and back to working 10 hour days.

#gladitude will need to be in full force. Just sayin’.


This week’s recap (in no particular order, because I can’t friggin’ remember):

Getting boy #1 and #2’s room ready for boy #2’s return, now on the 22nd via Via Rail. #gladitude is the immeasurable relief I didn’t know I had for *not* having to drive to Kingston for the meet-up/transfer of youth.

Continuing clean-up and revamp of said room. My mother came over the other day to assist me in adhering DVD racks to the walls and something else that escapes me. Probably because of the trauma from both my mother and IKEA for using so much mutha’ freakin’ TAPE on the #$%#$% products. My mother does this for all Yule and birthday gift boxes. I swear she puts tape on shit that doesn’t even NEED to be taped. Just for shits’n’giggles.

I am *not* giggling. I’ll take my IKEA-pointing-finger-hand thingy and shove it straight….

I digress.

For someone whose hands work moderately on a good day…plucking tape off of eleventy-billion items (‘cuz who the hell doesn’t go into IKEA and buy eleventy-billion things…instead of the one thing they went in for?!?!?) is my worst freakin’ nightmare. I’d rather lift weights than try to intimately pluck tape off of plastic bags. (o.O)

Last parent session for parents with addicted youth. HUZZAH!!

Being highlighted on The Blog Nerds was epic in itself…but to see how many people shared the link and/or commented was absolutely profound to my esteem and all that I do this for.

Meeting with the twins’ speech/language assessor to discuss their final assessment.

PlatesMy husband took the time after a long day of work to help me put on my new personalized licence plates that he bought me for my birthday!! He had to give them to me early (my birthday is on Monday) because I’d bought the renewal plate sticker already, and we thought we had to put it on the new plates. Turns out it still had to go on the old ones. Oh well! 😉



Total cry-like-your-soul-is-dying breakdown on the floor of the laundry room. Cleansing, really. See what I did there? Ironic.

Meeting again with the twins’ speech/language assessor to give copies of their hearing tests and to obtain activities to do during the summer.

Counselling session.

I was so busy I didn’t even get to bake my paleo banana bread. 🙁 I really, REALLY wanted to bake some, because the entire household had more of the last loaf I’d made than I did. Buggernackles.

Through it all…I felt like I was just kinda coasting through the week.


As if.

I was so busy it felt like I had to hang on with my spazzy gimp-hands for dear fucking life or I would have been spun off into oblivion. And not in the uber-stellar Dr. Who kind of way.

PlasterToday my #gladitude is finding another box of THESE beauties.


I don’t know what they’re called or what’s in them, but they’re these Chinese herbal plasters that you put on your painful areas (unlike the dastardly Freeze-Away spray that went down my butt-crack and froze my hoo-ha for 2 f*’n hours)


Lower lumbar awesomeness with these. My friend, Kate, picked them up for me one time in Chinatown and I freakin’ love them. I hurt so badly today that if I didn’t actually have to breathe, I wouldn’t. I don’t even want to blink.

Tonight is treat-night, and I’m awaiting chicken shawarma for supper.

Extra garlic would be uber-stellar #gladitude.

What made YOUR #gladitude list this week??

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  1. Jen

    I love your humor. Every time I read one of your posts I giggle (which I seem to be running short on this past week) so THANK YOU! Thank you for sharing your made-for-TV life moments and your gladitudes! Great work!

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