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Friday #gladitude!!!!

The week that kinda-sorta-maybe-in-some-alternate-reality was.

If there wasn’t #gladitude, I’m not sure I wouldn’t be at the bottom of a vat of Hagen Daaz right this very minute.

True story.


Sherrie#gladitude. I love food. Probably why I’m fat. It’s okay, I’m body aware. But I love being creative with food. Here’s my latest masterpiece. 180 calories. Fried oatmeal topped with fried grated apples and a touch of sugar free syrup. 30g net carbs and 5 g fibre.

I love food. My secret confession? I skip over posts that have to do with weight loss and Go, Go Anti-Glutenator! Isn’t that mean? No. Not it’s not. I can’t lose abdominal bloating due to medications. I can’t “participate” in “alternate life-styles” of eating because of my blood sugars. There’s 101+ things I want to be doing with respect to health and nutrition, but for now? I’m doing what’s right for me. If I want to dive into said Hagen Daaz…y’know what? 

I’m not a mutha’ freakin’ idiot. I have two diplomas and an Associate Degree. It means I’ve managed and budgeted my mo-fo sugars for probably TWO days, just to have a bowl.

Dude, you just showed that by indicating carb count and fibre grams. HUZZAH!!


#gladitude After a little over a month of being shoved around from phone call to phone call; I got the call to do my Fantasia Consultant training. I get to work a dream job FRE-AK-ING GLADITUDE!

My uber-talented friend Jason, of PinUps for Cancer…is getting his training for Fantasia this weekend. Think about that. My friend is going to be a Fantasia rep.


Let that sink in. I’ll give you a moment.

Momma’s gonna hurt no matter what I do…might as well have some fun whilst in the throes of the burn, no? Now I have a network to some really fun stuff!! HUZZAH!!!

Shane, aka my husband, aka my geek-boy eternal:

My #gladitude is being able to attend a Mötley Crüe concert with my wife for the anniversary of our handfasting.

Oh, yes. That’s right. I’mma gonna go see the Crüe for our anniversary!!



Me? A few things from this week from the other side of the space-time continuum…still struggling with the “ick” and the “blahs.” Winter came and double dosed us with all its corpse-white glory the other day…jack-knifing 200 city buses and generally bringing the City of Ottawa to a crawl. I am SO sick of winter…it’s like it’s coating my soul with cold. (Yes, I’ve been taking my mega-dose of Vitamin D…I refer you back to the diplomas and degrees….)

So, I went and got my nails done this week…overdue…as always…figuring there’s something more important to spend $$ on. The technician was the woman who does my nails in the Anti-OCD manner that I like, but she does them well. She asked me if I wanted a design, so I said “Sure. I feel blah…colour might be good.” So…she splashed me some colour.









Just a wee’bit’o’colour, eh? 😀

Another gladitude I had this week was today. It wasn’t the actual “product”, per se, but the thought process it took to acquire them. Oh, and the bat-shit crazy disregard to drive somewhere I didn’t know. I loathe that. Makes me all *twitchy*…which, when one is operating a motorized vehicle, prolly ain’t too hot-shit.

I came to a conclusion this week. An epiphany, of sorts. About myself.

Stop. Making. Excuses.

I can do anything. True story.

What I lack, at times, is the capacity to stop making piss-ant excuses in order to avoid the uncomfortable or unknown.

Confession. I’m not a shoe kind of gal. NEVER have been. I go to Walmart or Payless or whateverhasshitonsale and buy a pair of $30 shoes.

I say again…Go, Go GimpyAss here blew out TWO vertebral discs last year.

Long story short…any walking is simply agonizing. Every. Single. Time.

Groceries or mall trips or museums or school bus stop…ANY walking.

My gal-pal Lou indicated a stellar brand of shoes. I went to a store that sells said brand of shoes (Alegria…I don’t receive anything from them…and I’ll probably risk getting sued by using their copyrighted name brand…whatever…my Associate Degree is from the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario…bring it, sweet-tits). I told the woman NOT to tell me how much said shoes were.

She looked at me like I had three heads.

I was dead serious. I mean, I obviously saw the amount at the register, of course (the shoes were regular price at $139.99 CDN). If she had have told me, I would have made excuses six ways to Sunday and simply walked out of the store wearing my $25 WallyWorld specials whilst holding my lower back.







Oh, yes.

Very MUCH, yes.

Took them for a test walk at the mall this evening.

Sweet mother of jeebuz.

I’m hooked on walking. 😀

Always take the time to find that one small thing that you might have otherwise overlooked…find your #gladitude…xoxo

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