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Friday #gladitude!!!

Is it really some kind of cosmic irony that the day I almost get hit by a complete ass-wipe coming out of a yield wayyyyyyyy too early…is the day for #gladitude?!?


I daresay it might have even been a shave closer than I could actually see, given the mouths suddenly agape, hand-over-mouth-action from pedestrians on the sidewalk when I’d laid on the horn.

I hope he gets cooties.


I digress.

I’d just left a small, quaint little second hand bookstore where one elderly lady was telling the store owner about her genealogy. I’d gone to peruse the plethora of trees to find some accessories to my herbalism program, namely in the form of all things plants/weeds/oils/nutrition/health/etc.

100_0265Instead, I’d already grabbed a copy of “A brief history of British Kings & Queens,” by Mike Ashley (2002). It contains information on my family history that I’ve discovered after a truckload of man-hours spent munching pretzels and scanning through oodles of documents online.

An older gent, upon seeing my book, says, “Are you related?” with a grin.

100_0267I said, “As a matter of fact, yes. Yes, I am.”

“Ah, a Saxon!” he says jovially. He spoke of a TVO series online that I could go to watch “Monarchy”…told me of his own pursuits through time and lineage.

For twenty minutes, I was enveloped in a world not my own…and it was bliss.

On a day where I feel most supported and yet very much alone. These days happen. That’s why there’s The #gladitude project.

A day that started with the burn and the ache and the numbness and the pain in the hands that service my functionality. Watching everything I touch fall to the floor in defiance of the laws of gravity…and of my spastic aching digits failing the function they so diligently try to serve. Anticipating the help that never comes but is replaced by stares and ignorances.  In my ongoing embarrassment to continue to function like “normal” people do I ignore the ignorances, but silently wonder what happens when I cease to function at all.

It’s a scary thought process.

Sometimes I wish it was over sooner than later.

Then ass-wipe Speedy McDouche narrowly missing my vehicle brings it all suddenly back into reality.

And I continue. Because I can. Want or need is irrelevant.

And I remember the #gladitude that other people bring into my life, like my friend Melanie, who thought it might be nice to bring back this beauty from her family vacay as a “Huzzah to you for grabbing our mail!” and… y’know… generally making sure as was well with the hearth in their stead:









And I remember the #gladitude I had that my friend Kieran provided when he wrote a note on my Facebook wall telling me that he’d checked the availability of my penultimate hero, Spencer West, to see if he would attend a festival this year whose theme was “Heroes.” He’s busy, unfortunately (for me…*shifty eyes*)… but the thought that someone knew of its importance in my eyes and sought to put out a query. I simply look at it as a “get-out-of-babbling-like-an-idiot-free” card. Cuz if I ever had the chance to meet him…well…

(O.O) <—–bug-eyed look of incredulity mixed with fan-girl *giddy*

True story.

And then there’s the lot of ya…throwing out love and support and just being able to say, “I hear you” when there’s a less-than-stellar kind’o’day. I know you’re out there…I received word yesterday that Lupus Interrupted made the short list to be a finalist in the WEGO Health‘s health activist awards for 2012: Hilarious Health Activist category.

YOU rock. YOU help me find my #gladitude on so many occasions…by sending a note, a “like”, a tweet, a +1…and you care to take 2.2 minutes of your own chaos of reality to partake in the made-for-tv-movie version of Go, Go SpazzyAss here that I’m really overwhelmed! You make me want to up my game…be a better person….

…okay, so maybe not by wishing cooties on Speedy McDouche…

…but if I can ever muster to take over the world…

I’ll make sure you’re cootie-free. 😉

Go find your #gladitude xox


  1. Pamela

    I have to say I have had a bit of a rough winter so far BUT my major gladitude is for my Mum. I am blessed to have had such an amazing woman in my life for 46 years. My gladitude today is my mother. 🙂

    P.S. I love the way this editing program thinks that gladitude is a spelling mistake… silly silly computer program!!



  2. Camper Jen

    I have to say that your writing is hilarious! I love that you speak your mind. I love that you find a way to turn things that are crapitude into gladitude.

    Congrats on being a finalist in the Wego Health Activist awards!

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